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Last Activity:
Jan 19, 2017
Apr 12, 2009
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have a drink on me

Zenotwapal was last seen:
Jan 19, 2017
    1. bobjr
      Eh, I'm tired of this. My heart's just not in it today.
    2. bobjr
      I mean if I put profits over things like the well being of the earth I don't know how Id sleep at night
    3. bobjr
      Only old rich ones really
    4. Canada
      u visited my prodile
    5. Canada
      sugar tits rap culture winkface winkface take a stab at this winkface
    6. Zenotwapal
    7. Peter Quill
      Peter Quill
      ok cool

      i'll take a stab at this when i can actually be bothered stay tuned
    8. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      Oh God, I remember that. It's kind of funny now that thanks to a rumor that somebody was going to make a thread posting in that subforum got locked down for like an hour.

      Pretty much the same, to be honest. I just started baseball.
    9. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      You're right, our last conversation was in like 2012. Time flies, right?

      Did it really start over the course of like a week? I thought it just went back to like like five or six pages to when somebody started making rape jokes.
    10. Abstinence Pistols
    11. BynineB
      I really hope you still go here

      Skype literally won't start up anymore, I tried reinstalling but it won't work, halp (also tell the rest)
    12. GhostAnime
      Your view: it is your personal freedom to do what you want with your wealth, regardless of anyone around you.
      My view on abortion: it is her personal freedom to do what she wants with her body, regardless of anything around her.

      That's the similarity.
    13. Lugia's Chosen
      Lugia's Chosen
      Hey ignore hides visitor messages too. So stop trying to use the rep system and other alternative messages to bypass the ignore and continue the argument. You've proven you can't have a civilized discussion.

      PS: if you try any more to message me, I'll take it to the mods. we're done.
    14. Praxiteles
      That's true, I guess. Sorry for being so confusing and tone-ambiguous.
    15. Maedar
      Grudge? You think I have a grudge against...

      People who respond to mass shootings by claiming we need armed guards in schools and movie theatres, and then say we're "in danger of becoming a police state".

      People who say voter ID laws are needed "to combat voter fraud", and then engage in gerrymandering.

      People who refuse to pass a routine bill, choosing to engage in outright blackmail and extortion in a futile attempt to get a law repealed.

      People who have wasted millions of taxpayer money on 40-something attempts to repeal a law that the Senate will never vote on nor the President will ever sign.

      People who defy Roe v Wade by passing illegal state abortion laws, showing misogynistic attitudes.

      People who seem to think "Muslim" and "terrorist" are synonyms?

      You think I hold a grudge against them?

      Yeah, I do.
    16. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
    17. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      way to bring a man down when he's really upset
    18. Rezzo
      i will have many kids and they will join this forum
      I quite honestly disapprove of this
    19. Pansy :]
      Pansy :]
      your avatar is really ugly
    20. Pansy :]
      Pansy :]
      I have no clue what that's even supposed to sound like...
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