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Jan 19, 2017
Apr 12, 2009
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have a drink on me

Zenotwapal was last seen:
Jan 19, 2017
    1. Pansy :]
    2. Interference
      Senior year is incredible guys look at all of this WORK
      Look on the bright side, the year is almost over and you can finally go off to college!
    3. Interference
    4. Kalosian
      True, Mew is very rare as it is, and one which can be shiny and get Emerald Tutor Moves would be really awesome to have. I would personally love to get the chance to get any kind of Mew again as the only one I have is from a HG/SS Event from many years ago which was wasted as I didn't know how to RNG back then. And, just like you say, emulators seem to be the only option to get Emerald Mew.
    5. Kalosian
      I see, I am not a huge fan of emulators but I suppose you are right about it being the only "legal" way to get perfect Pokemon from Colo/XD. I don't really know much about emulators or what tools you need to use them either, never really cared that much about them.
    6. Kalosian
      Sounds great, I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to do with the timers when doing ID abuse on 4th gen. Finally got it down in the end, but it took a lot of tries.

      3rd gen RNG is something I haven't been thinking about that much as I have been to focused on 5th gen lately. I have read the same things as you about Colo/XD RNG on a real GC, which is why I haven't thought about doing it seeing as it seems to be practically impossible. I'm not much for emulators either, but if you feel like giving it a try, go for it!
    7. Kalosian
      Yeah, 29 in Speed is not that much of a difference, I don't think it matters much.
      Wow, you did two in one day? That is amazing. When I abused my HG IDs, it took me 27 tries spread out over at least two days, maybe even more. But you seem to have an easier time. Platinum sounds a bit tough though, but just keep trying and you will get it.

      That sounds good, they get to play through the games for you and get some great Pokemon while you get the greatest ones for yourself :P
    8. Kalosian
      Okay, I know there are spreads which are almost Flawless (they have a 31 IV in all important stats, at least), you should aim for them on your next playthrough. Let me know if you need to get the seeds and I can give them to you. What you plan for Lugia and Ho-oh sounds great either way.

      That's a good idea, it will make things easier if you start with the hardest things (4th gen) and move on to the easier things in 5th later on. You are also lucky to have brothers to play through the games for you. If I had siblings, they would have to do all the hard work while I would do all the fun things in the games :P
    9. Kalosian
      Aha, I misunderstood you, I thought you had gotten them as shiny. But I am pretty sure there are usable spreads for all or most useful natures, what spreads did you use for Lugia and Ho-oh?

      Seems like these are the only methods. Just like you, I don't like hacking, not sure about the other ways either, but use whatever you think will work the best. I'll wait and see if we'll get another event (and then we get the shiny Magikarp event that Japan is getting instead of something good like Shaymin :P)
      Understandable, my current priorities are also the legends I have left on B/W2, which are quite many. Then I have two DW Gothorita to get. My list is probably not as long as yours, but I haven't really had any time for RNG lately either. Though I will probably start again soon.
    10. Kalosian
      I had forgotten about the free games from the Ambassador Promotion, that seems like a huge plus to me. You got a ton of great games which isn't on the normal Virtual Console (at least not yet). Metroid Fusion, Fire Emblem:TSS and Zelda:MC are three games that I really want to play.

      You were really lucky with the shiny spreads for one of your IDs at least. Getting a Modest Flawless spread as shiny without an ID/SID abuse is amazing.
      Darkrai and Shaymin would be nice to RNG, but I guess you are right about legal wondercards being impossible to get this long after the events. At least we got a Darkrai event for 5th gen, hopefully we'll get one for Shaymin as well.
      The version mascots are really cool as shinies for the most part, so I understand that you want to get them. I would love to get all of the remaining legendaries as shinies as well (at the moment, I have Articuno, Mewtwo, Entei, Lugia, Latias, Kyogre and Palkia). Though I can't bring myself to restart one of my 4th gen games, so it will probably never happen.
    11. iFi Salamander
      iFi Salamander
      You'd know if I was trying to troll.
    12. Kalosian
      I had planned to get a "3DS Lite" or something instead of the normal 3DS, but it doesn't seem like it is going to happen anytime soon. It also seems like the price has dropped very much since the 3DS was launched, which is a bit sad for those like you who got one soon after the release.
      Not sure if I should get back to 4th gen RNG as well, I feel like I am done with it for now. Would love to get a shiny Giratina though. Do you have much things planned to do on 4th gen?
    13. Kalosian
      I understand, it is easy to get rusty when you haven't done any RNG in a while. It is the same for me, if I were to go back and do some 4th gen RNG right now, it would probably not turn out very well.

      Haven't done any Dream Radar RNG as I don't have a 3DS, so I have no idea what it is like. Though I will probably give it a try once I get a 3DS (which is probably going to be later this year due to the release of X/Y). The legendaries that are obtainable through it are definitely interesting. Especially DW Lugia and Ho-oh, I really want to get these two.
    14. Kalosian
      I don't know, guess it depends on your starting frame and target frame (I'm assuming you are going after a shiny Uxie). I would suggest you to try and find your SSF just like usual (when I did my Uxie, I always got a consistent SSF) and see how far you are from your target frame. Though I can understand if it gets frustrating with many Timer0s and stuff. One thing I should mention is that if you get more than one result that matches your SSF in the frame list (nature and characteristic) it is more likely that the highest one is the correct of them.
    15. Interference
      Can you grasp nothingness into somethingness within the void of nothingness?

      Let that sink in for a sec.
    16. BurningSociety12345543210
      So that's where it's from. I probably should have guessed.
    17. BurningSociety12345543210
      God that quote in your sig lmao.

      Who randomly posts that they're hideous in a thread?
    18. IHeartCookiesMunchMunch
      Hullo just saying...I LOVE YOUR PROFILE PIC ;ooo :)))
    19. Moonrox
      Just stop talking to me, please. I don't need your advice.
    20. Moonrox
      "More examples"? Where's your first one?

      I actually put a quote in my signature yesterday:
      "I choose my words carefully, but they may still hurt someone accidentally..."
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