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  • I'm an ******* because that's how I've been treated. I came here, and was instantly regarded as an *******. It's a great system.

    Your example of me "minimodding" was me being helpful. Minimodding is against the rules, and if I had broken one there, I would have been called on it by the moderator that shut the thread. I wasn't.
    Ugh, not your "advice" again.
    Give me an example of my mini-modding that I wasn't already told about. It's unfortunately in my nature to enforce the rules. It just bugs me so much when people break them. It's a bad habit that I've broken, but I can't always keep myself under control.
    well crap i figured out i have no choice to do the normal way...the windows is broken only the mac version can do unova links...i asked help in the threads in smogon...
    lol okay its fine...im probably way worse with the explaining XD i reset and searched my peremeters and i indeed have a different timer...im trying to search the seed out again to see if i have it correct...
    its fine and still setting my perimeters...i got the new one that supports bw2 now but im having trouble getting the perimeters set up so i can rng..i tried once but the timer not matching the results of the reporter....i have a ds lite...i did one sec ahead...i trying to rng my genesecet now...i redid my perimeters and got a different timer...gunna try to see if the results match it when i start rnging again...there is no new delays i don't know about is there? and also for wondercards the starting frame is 1 correct? or does it have to calculate like breeding its been awhile XD
    i see there a new update for the reporter nevermind it should take me that long then...thanks for the help in the thread...
    sorry to bother again but how long did it take you to normally set your pirmeters...i like to know how long it took for you...
    hey zeno i need help im trying to set my pirmeters for my white 2 version but i can't figure how to do the unova link thing...im stuck on the sending and recieving key thing...should i just set it up the normal way?
    Just because I don't agree with you does not mean I do not understand it. I fully do. I have researched it extensively, as I do everything else for Pokémon games in order to get stuff on the site. Cheating is not defined by altering the code, as you seem to assert. Just because it can be inaccurate and take its time does not mean it is not cheating.

    You need to accept that people consider it cheating. Just because you don't, and that it does take some work to perfect, does not mean that it is not seen as cheating by many others. You state that I am arrogant, perhaps I am though outside of this, but I have been saying that I accept people consider it not cheating, but that the Pokémon Company considers it cheating, and so do I which is why we don't like it being discussed here. You, on the other hand, are blindly saying that everyone who considers it cheating is wrong. Those are the acts and statements of one who may be considered arrogant, not mine.
    I fully understand it, that is why I know it is cheating. You say I bring up the same tired and overused points, I believe it is the inverse. It has NOT proven to not be cheating
    It's not that I agree with you, or you agree with me. Instead, we both agree about objective facts. Here's hoping more people will open their eyes and stop being edgy, anti-RNG teens. -hugs-
    I came back from exile just because I saw your conversation, the one about RNGing with Serebii himself. I am shocked to see he is one of those ignorant conservatives that thinks RNG is cheating. If Serebii really understood RNG, he'd knew that soft resetting is a form of RNG, just not RNG Abuse. So is egg farming.

    Serebii, if you get to read this, get the facts right. RNG 'Abuse' is using an external software to predict when and how will your game will, by its own free will, generate a specific IV/Ability/Sex/Shiny combo. No codes injected, no hardware, no nothing.
    Zeno, you are a staple of a true bro. Stay cool and keep on battling ignorance.
    No. We're not for the time being. I DO understand RNG, far more than you can possibly imagine. However, knowledge of something does not make it not cheating. It is cheating and you need to accept that
    Well that's your perogative. However, I intend to keep a fair and just community and RNG abuse violates the spirit of that community as it is cheating by the literal definition of the word "Cheating refers to an immoral way of achieving a goal. It is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain advantage in a competitive situation".

    When the next generation comes on the 3DS, you won't be able to RNG. What will you use as the excuse then? It is cheating, they're trying to block it. They will with the 3DS generation
    The Pokémon Company has said outright that it's cheating and against the point of playing Pokémon. If they could detect it, they would ban players who do it. That alone makes it cheating
    Why do you think it's a "programming error". It's quite clear that they did it intentionally else they'd have fixed it in the English versions like they did with a few other glitches that were noted.

    You're admitting right there that you're taking advantage and using an external program. This shows that it is in fact cheating. Just because it's "available to everyone" does not mean it's not cheating
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