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  • Hey I was wondering if you could hook me up w/ a jirachi. I would love you so much if you could. I have a dark pulse tm if you want it
    i have earthquake, dark pulse if u want both plus dragon claw, toxic, hail, bullet seed, sunny day, taunt, rain dance, frustration, thunder, return, dig, double team, sludge bomb, rock tomb, aerial ace, torment, attract, thief, skill swap, snatch, overheat, roost, brine, fling, charge beam, drain punch, silver wind, embargo, shadow claw, payback, stone edge, avalanche, stealth rock, psych up, rock slide, x-scissor,sleep talk, natural gift, swagger, u-turn, substitute, and trick... see what u want i will trade any of them no problem
    well i have calm mind, toxic, focus punch, hail, bulk up, bullet seed hidden power, sunny day, taunt, hyper beam, thunder, thunderbolt, earthquake.
    im interested in ur Jirachi and will trade any of the pms i have to get it...are there any tms specifically that u are interested in getting pm me back
    any tms that u are specifically looking for or just any...i have alot of them and will trade as many as it takes to get Jirachi pm me back
    i will offer all starters from all regions,palkia,dialga,cresselia(sorry 4 the mispell),alakazam for a jirachi we can trade bk of do it 4 keeps i just wuld like it on my dex pm me if ur interested each with a master ball on
    no sorry i dont. i just started the game and dont have much. and i realized i dont have exposion, well not on my game, i was playing the slots on my friend and got ten bonus rounds in a row, lol they have my explosion. is there anything else i can offer? i really want a jirachi, i have other tms if you want
    Haha, no problem! Steven King writes great books so I understand, haha! And sure, we can do the trade now, I have your two TM's all ready to go. I'll be waiting for you in wifi!
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