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  • You don't need to hold that Unown for me >< Sorry I never got back to you on it. I'll be more focused on Unown later on after my drop and some of the bigger achievements I have yet to get. So feel free to drop it with everything else after the reset on Monday :p
    Hey, I was wondering if you could maybe breed me a Kangaskahn (lol I'm not even going to look up the spelling). I haven't seen an egg for it in over a week, and it's the only Kanto Pokémon I don't have (minus evolutions and such, it's the only one I have to obtain so that I can actually get Kanto Master).
    Sorry for posting this after I just sent a PM, but my mom just said I have to go now, so I'll see you around 9 p.m. server time ;)
    Alright. Just send me the link for it and the time you drop it once you do end up dropping it, kay? Thanks :p
    Alright, cool. If I get anything from this drop, you will be one of my favorite people ever, lol.
    Alright :D And yeah, if you don't mind, a PM would be nice in case I forget to check the club P; And you're dropping the DW's once you drop the Ditto, right?
    I have a little favor to ask you - could you post the drop times of the Pokés you drop today? I'd love to get the Ditto, it's the one I want the most at the moment. And will you be dropping everything at once or a minute apart?
    Did you drop the Palkia at 1:17 like you said? I want to try for it, so I'm just making sure ;)
    Oh, well that sucks. Hopefully if I get an egg you drop I'll be able to buy a Dawn Stone without feeling like it wasn't worth it :<
    I have a question: I remember shiny arcues saying he needed to buy a Thunderstone to change Dracowymsy's form to Charge From... is that true? Like do you really need to buy an item to change the form?
    I don't have enough to post in the club, so I'll say it here: I'd quite enjoy a hatched Manaphy, lol. ;D
    T_T I'm not a he or a whatever! I'm a she (>_< which I try to hint at with the girly user icon and title)!
    Sorry :x I know what it feels like, it happens to me ALL THE FREAKING TIME!

    Again, sorry.
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