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Zephyr Flare

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  • I understand where you're going with this. I'll send out some invitations, then inform you!
    Ive decided to sprite my own reigon of pokemon, and I was thinking of letting some people join in if they want. I was told I needed permission to do this, so I came to you.
    I justs wanted to tell you that some-one in Fan Art has posted in the wrong section, and I was wondering if you could move it to where it belongs? (As in computers and Tech, I think) Sorry if it has already been done.
    Hey, if you read this messages could you mind telling me what the name of Sceptile's old Fan-Fic was? Possibly where I can find it also? A lot of old members are now "guests," and I can't really search for his old Fic... I kind of looked in the Completed Fic section but... yeah.

    Good ay!

    Same thing as balonga, but probably more American. Never had it myself - I'm not a fan of those meats you eat cold. I need a good hot meal, not something right out of the fridge. :/

    You forget, Sandra - my specialty is READING MINDS. I can predict everything and anything! Like right now you are eating a baloney and mustard sandwich and want more than anything to play Robot Unicorn Attack. They don't call me "Psychic" for nothing!

    Note: "Psychic" only works 40% of the time and will almost always leave the opponent confused and with a strong urge to dance in the rain. "Psychic" is also a self-given name and really means nothing in the long-run.

    There is no point to this VM.

    Haha it's fine, I PMed her first since she was online, then sent you one when she logged off in case you came on first ;D
    a yes ty :)

    Little question: is it possible to have a second poll after the first finished? Or is that impossible (Since I wanted to ask who's the fav. char.)
    Ummm can you help me?

    You see I got a Fanfic in the non-pokemon section. But I made a mistake, I made the poll a year lasting. Which is obviously a bit much, if I think 'bout it right now. Is there a way to change the end date of the poll?
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