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Zephyr Flare

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  • Yeah, I know. Thing is I don't really need it, Brawl is the only game at all I play (or have, I had some other crap ones like PBR but I got rid of them) on it, so I don't need that much space.

    Besides for my ten million pictures and replays. :)

    I have a sudden urge to send you a million spam PMs...
    Yeah, I know. There was an update the other day that let's it accept bigger SD cards, which is nice I suppose.

    Oh fine. Enjoy your massive PM box then.
    up for a single free batttle???
    or any batttle...
    messsage me so we can exchange codes...let me know if u wanna batttle
    ill batttle anyone
    Yeah, my friend has the giant version. I know what you're talking about, when I brought home the 360 and sat it next to the Wii it was huge. Like the size of my desktop computer.

    I've only saved ten or so, usually because they were important or something. And I'd like to see you get down to 130. :D
    You're kidding. Why don't I ever get free stuff. That reminds me of the time my dad's friend offered (this was several years back mind) to sell us his PS2 for thirty bucks. We went, all excited and all, got it and opened up it up at home. It was a PS1.


    Oh yes, wouldn't want to use up that huge box or anything would you. XD I always decheck the save the PM button myself.
    Oh yeah? We're both way behind. XD You see they dropped down in price? Although I can't imagine there are that many people left without them.

    Oh be quiet. I've got an unlimited box now at another forum, too bad I can't use it here.
    hey, i posted a shop, yesterday, and I am waiting so long for it, can you approve it now?
    ty, kthxbai. :E

    Heh, I didn't get a PS2 until a couple of years ago, and I've got a decent amount of games for it. I'm wanting to get some of the awesome 360 games now. I'm hooked on about three demos.

    Aha, I've got a bigger PM box. I see Kirby and some more people got promoted as well, cool.
    Yeah I know. They don't even ship it for a couple of weeks in the first place. I think it's just because they want you to pay for faster shipping and get more money out of you.

    Seriously? Nice. I thought you were getting some cheaper games...wow. That reminds me, I better pre-order the new Pendragon book off of Amazon...
    Well I don't know how it works over there, but if you want free shipping it's 3-5 weeks generally. They have a Prime thing you can sign up for that gives you a week shipping or so, but it's like $70 a year.

    I'd definitely go for that, though.
    Yeah, we get free too but it's more of like they'll ship it sometime this year.

    Nice. I'm terrible at spending my money on big, expensive cool games when I could get a lot of not quite as cool games for the same money.
    Neither do I usually, but that's the easiest way to get rid of consoles really.

    I actually have only bought a few games from Amazon myself though, when I have money for a game I don't like to wait for shipping.
    Ah yeah, reminds me of about a year ago I bought a DS racing game for like 11 bucks. Really funny thing was, when I traded in all my stuff, the game store gave me 12 for it.

    I wonder if they have any more...
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