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  • lol yeah, that's all i really use over here.

    and i don't watch that much anime. i've only seen three. cardcaptor sakura, pokemon, and elfin lied. i'm trying to watch another one, but i don't know what's good to watch. lol.
    lol, hi! =)
    i'm doing fine. school starts today. how are you?
    sorry for the late reply. i haven't been on in awhile -_-
    Looking at your battle, you can't DQ a person when you're waiting on a ref. As far as I see it's your ref that hasn't posted not your opponent.
    |: I hate how long this bloody challenge is taking.

    ;_; Ours has been up there two months, and they're taking more recent challenges. Think we should change the arena to spice it up?
    I used to have a Weedle that was shiny, and I didn't even know they were rare. ._.
    So, at the moment, no. I have been trying to catch one, but my chain breaks at 15.
    Thats so cool. xD
    I wish I was out in Europe, I wouldn't have to deal with half of the BS here. But then again, I am sure over time there would be BS over there too.
    Thanks :D
    Ive been going to this site for a while, just never registered on the forums.
    Um, I think maybe I've deluded your idea of energy a little bit. This is how it was explained to me:

    Pokes all have energy within them that they have the ability to either use in physical attacks or in special attacks. Attacks other than their type have a limited conversion rate, so they can't use Electric moves for very long if they're Normal-type.

    So, in answer to your question, no. Rest restores the energy itself, and it can then be used in any way AS LONG AS the Poke hasn't used up all of one conversion of energy.

    I so wish that Rest reset energy usage for types, but, alas, it is not so.

    Hey dont sweat the small stuff. It's not that bad actually since I have a complete updated Table every night, it take perhaps 3 minutes to update it when a new fight finishes. Also, there is a battle results and SP conversions thread specifically set up so I dont have to go looking for the finished matches, they are posted there by the ref when they finish. Plus, I enjoy doing it...
    Well, It was probably started by someone like Sciz when the ASB first existsed and then taken over by Muyo, but when he coldn't do it for ages, Torkoal Stu was doing the table and when Stu didn't have time to do it, I offered and he didn't mind, so yes I am for the moment, which has been made half official by Muyo.... why do you ask?
    Whoops. :U
    That was the thing being reffed by Mouldy with someone else..

    My bad. x_x I reposted it, and no one's taking it still.
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