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  • Yeah, you did.

    Maybe the breakout could be more crafty. It's supposed to be the most secure prison and a few dolts dressed like guards just walk in and release Giovanni, come one, be different and actually make title of the most secure prison actually mean something instead of just being a stupid title.
    Well you clearly referred to Minish Cap as the DS game, just correcting your error there.

    Screw that, desktop all the way.

    "An overconfident Silver challenges Ryo to a battle, but obviously Silver gets absolutely owned."
    Because Silver sucks.

    King of Fighters much?
    Well overall, pretty good plot.
    It's not Skype silly.

    Minish Cap is the GBA game, Spirit Tracks is the second DS game, and Minish Cap is awesome.

    Who said I'm using a laptop, baaaka.

    I thought you had Silver as your avatar at one point, oh well. Mhm, and when might that be? (the writing part)
    Well no, they did the same as I and googled the problem, silly.

    So what were you saying about Minish Cap, again?
    Again incorrect, there are quite a few people with a similar problem.

    I would much rather hear the original Japanese voices instead of some crappy English ones.

    I believe he added you to his contacts so there you go.
    So? What does that have to do with anything?

    But they effect the sound.

    Sure. We don't just go to some random place to work, it has to be around the field we study in.

    Yeah it was pretty funny.
    ...I make no promises.

    That's *weirdo.

    I see.

    A job, what's so difficult to understand about that? You see, in Vocational school there are these periods called....on-the-job-learning, where you get a job and etc.

    You know they will.

    I think it's rather best you meet him...once you get your laptop of course.

    lol my Brawl wifi works a lot better than PBR wifi.

    Nah. Wait! Demos? Not just videos?

    No no, not school. Work.

    Dark Void for a good reason, but you know how it goes.Pokemon, moves and items getting banned.
    When me and my friend battle we have a very simple rule:
    Legends battle in their own league. Period! That's all you need. Of course, not everyone is as fair and reasonable as us and only thinks trolling and making others upset is the only kind of fun, but that's their problem.
    I see what you did there.

    What do you mean? This guy is normal. If you want strange I can give you strange lol

    Well I wouldn't say fine, but I can get online.

    I know it's free.

    To catch-up what?

    No. They just keep banning and banning moves , soon all you can do is f*cking Tackle!
    Well then you'd understand what's it like when someone uses that crappy psp mic. ^^

    Nope, Californian.

    Oh btw, wanna brawl?

    No, I don't believe I even have Nintendo Channel on my Wii.


    I guess I don't even need to argue about Gen 5 with you since you're doing it for me. :)
    What I hear, you hear.

    Friend on Skype showed it to me.

    Well, I haven't played games much. I get up at 5.30, work starts at 7 and ends at 3.30 PM, so I go to bed early too (early being 10 pm) So mostly I've been just watching One Piece Skypiea Arc again, and also SLOOOOWLY working on Crocodile vs Mihawk.
    Every piece of sound and music that comes from my computer also transfers to your speakers (Yes that includes your voice lol)

    Oh cool. Too bad you don't have a 3DS that was bought before the price drop. Since at least in Japan Fire Emblem Sacred Stones is one of the Ambassador GBA games.

    Oh it's not just the Pokemon.

    Name your three most recent games and how long you've been playing them.
    Nah, I'm good.

    And hate is such a strong word. I just don't like the stuff. I don't go on hour and a half long rants about them.

    Meh, Gigant Battle 2 is all I need.
    I can hear what comes from your end. And I can use soundboards. You'd be surprised how well you can converse with an Arnold soundboard.

    I don't hate the series. You do realize that just because you hate somethings doesn't mean you hate the entire series. I don't like the Triforce piece collecting part in Wind Waker, does it mean I hate the game or Zelda series? NO!

    Well there's always a first.
    Then what are we doing right now? And you know, this way we can understand one another and no one is talking through sh*tty PSP mic. ^^

    Maybe I should fix up a meeting with you and this other guy I know on Skype to talk about Gen 5.

    I considers things VERY through and through, because I don't buy something that I don't know and simply looks good. It has to be worth that 60€ (or 45€ from Play-Asia in OPGB2's case) Especially when you're dealing with a Japanese game, you need to be sure it's playable, and I know OPGB2 is.
    Which is you getting a device that can text chat on Skype.

    That there are limits to how much you can add to a game.

    Who said anything about being localised, it's a DS game, there's no region lock and it's a fighting game so only translations you have to look from GameFaqs is the menu AND if you've played Gigant Battle 1, menus are the same. What? Story? It's One Piece! You already know the story from manga/anime. You don't need Gigant Battle 1 because this covers the key points from that game and more. (This one has Wifi)
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