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  • Hahaha XD

    YA RLLY.

    Just start by telling her funny stuff that happened to you. Make her laugh.

    Not a good time. I'm being quiet cuz its 1:13 AM

    I know the type.

    ... you asked me what consoles I had 4 times.
    Whatever, I still have Arceus, 3 of 'em.

    I knew the first one.


    Twincest, you say? And you must see it>w<

    I get it, I get it

    Hell no.

    well DUH

    I thought so, try and talk about yourself.



    Haha XD

    Yes. ^_^ Xylophobia is a fear of wood.

    Maybe you should do what I do when I want someone to know who I am: Never stop talking just make sure they know everything about you... yeah XD


    Yeah, well if you want to keep your bones....

    I'm not sure....
    I got those arceus..

    Dendrophobia is a fear of trees.

    Okay, lets move on, what are you going to do about it?

    not yet.


    I LOL'd. It can't be that bad, alot of girls like guys who can show how they feel.. being upset is no bad thing.


    This seems so hard with you.

    Okay then.

    You just made my day.

    Happy friday the 13th btw, I hope a truck runs over your hat.

    My new DA journal. I know you'll yell at me about something in here...
    There's a good boy...

    Okay then.

    Tell her everything then XD

    I'll take your word for it.

    Okay, maybe I'll stop by...
    I was making a remark about sleeping patterns -_-;;


    Untill you LOVE her.

    Fine. every 13 seconds tho...

    Anyway, I wish they'd picked a better way to tell me...
    We're very different, you and I.

    -_-;; I think about lots of other stuff.

    I'll give you 3 months.

    Not true, I like yaoi, so shoot me. But all you think about is porn and girls.

    I know why...
    Yeah, I guess.

    That's NOT all I think about!

    Fine, fine.

    Yes, please do.

    They told me over msn.
    Him: do you mind If I ask ____ out?
    Me:... no go for it.
    Him: Good, because I already did, we went out today.
    *she joins the convo*
    Then I had to talk to 'em.
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