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  • Okay. It's time for a break from the tournaments.

    What I'd like to do is discuss Mario's recent games, and what you think about them. More information is posted in the thread.
    Hey man that was great. Sure had fun Brawling with ya. Although, it would be better if I stunk less. :p But hey, at least I got to a sudden death.
    Sorry, I wouldn't know about Metaknight. TBH, I don't go to the Brawl club that often.

    Here is my friendcode 4296-2810-5464. What is yours?
    Last day. Let's get this one finished so that we can all take a break.

    P.S.: The one-week extension is still available.
    My day's been good. Just getting psyched up for trying to get the 'Staff Burner' badge on AiB. :] And yeah, I've been more active on AiB than here, too. I usually get on here when I'm like super bored (or whenever I need to update a claiming thread or help people in some of the pokemon game helping threads).

    How about you?
    Marth beats Ness and Lucas without the grab release, it's just icing on the cake.

    Good luck in your tournament!
    Also about "playing to win" and what not... I should probably have made myself more clear. XD

    When it comes down to the last two after a free for all, don't use tactics like Marth's grab release infinite on Ness/Lucas or Falco's laser spam (which you didn't do, good on you). It makes it less fun unless you expect those tactics, and it's fun to try new things. :]
    Sorry, guys. Distracted by Atoyont. =/ He sometimes irritated me. I haven't told him information about strategies.

    And Sonic Boom. He even still thinks I'm "Spamming" I even think Sonic Boom has sometimes mistake for brawl. Well....*shakes my head* Sonic Boom hadn't notice me when I was different from before.
    okay,this is what i get for not being active in here.

    what happened?how come youre quitting brawl club?? cmon,are you serious??? or did you go completely nuts??
    Sorry, poor word choice on my behalf.

    I didn't mean to say they weren't useful. I meant if they weren't useful. Obtaining the Kirby hats is probably the deciding point whether they are worth getting or not.

    And if you have an Olimar down below, trying to recover, you can possibly spam him using Kirby's Pikmin Pluck & Throw. I have used it at least against level 9, and what they do is keep on trying to jump, then they will use their final recoveries in vein, and then they fall of the screen. It's pretty fun if you ask me.

    Kirby sort of rounds the game up for me. It's like he can take a piece of every character in the game and claim it as his own.

    Oh yeah, and I would like to Brawl you again. I may not be great at Brawl, but at least I have fun you know. Although blasting you and Atoyont with Snake's bazooka was a great enjoyment for me. However, I can see your skill, and you definitely best me.
    First of all the middle part of your message makes no sense. :/

    Secondly, Zero, I'm fine with you running away in one-on-one matches, but in Free-for-alls, please, don't. I personally find that they're really fun when everybody gets in on the action and I don't take them as seriously as other matches. I know you like to win, but...
    Either get into the fray in free-for-alls and risk getting smashed into oblivion, or don't join them when I'm hosting.
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