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  • Hey Zero-Wolf, may I ask you something?

    How useful do you find Kirby Hats? I find them pretty useful because most of them are projectiles. You can spam Pikmin using Olimar Kirby Hat and pretty much kill Olimar with it if it is placed correctly.

    BTW, I love using Kirby Hats. Even if they are not useful, I still like to play with them. ^^
    Well I'm getting better (slowly) but nothing like you or sonic boom.
    I cant decide my mains yet so for my main is three of them/ and for my secondary mains are about 6.
    1st main- Pikachu, Luigi, Fox
    2nd main- Peach Sonic Kirby, and DK

    P.s. hope you had a great thanksgiving ^^!
    How far did you get in F-Zero GX. Here is a rough list of my accomplishments.

    -Did all story chapters on all difficulties.
    -Unlocked all characters and their videos.
    -Did Master class on first three courses. Did Expert on Diamond.
    -Unlocked 14 Staff Ghosts. Beat 2 of them.

    That basically says how much I did, and it might not seem like it, but that is a lot.
    Er... I must decline. Honestly, I really don't have much time for that sort of stuff right now... I even forfeited our match the other day (not sure if you were told about it though)...
    Don't be too tense with my "Ran Away A Lot" comment. It helps me with my spacing, and yours, and what-not. But considering me and Atoyont were screwing around in random matches for a half hour before you joined in, I wasn't really up to snuff, lol.

    I just noticed that you were being more careful with your spacing all of a sudden, at the expense of using the same moves over and over, and I was trying to adapt to it.
    Sure. In fact, I'd rather be called Midnite than Wiimote. XD
    *really wishes for a username change here, although it's probably not gonna happen, sadly :/*
    this is a real awkward forum-homecoming-thing, im telling you nothing here has changed...........................oh well,i find that i like AiB better but i still like this place^^
    Yeah uhh once again i know how to do QAC soooo.... Ya what i meant by practice was litterally needing to work on technique before brawlling you again.

    P.S face still hurts
    Yeah.. uhh i figured out how to do the QAC like right after our last brawl... but i still need a lot more practice before i brawl again.:/

    P.S. my face hurts now thank you..
    Hey, do you want to Brawl a bit more?

    I haven't had any good one-on-one matches with you in a while.
    Don't think I quit because of you; my family's going to get Ice Cream.

    GG though. But know this: Snakeee and other proficient ZSS mains think that her Neutral B and Side B aren't that great (nor Down Smash to a point). I had trouble because I was Ganondorf and it was Wi-fi, but side B is easily powershielded.
    Sorry for not speaking to you for a while. How are you doing?

    Say, I might not be able to Brawl you any time soon. Maybe during the holidays I'll be able to. Depends on what I'm going to do.

    Anyway, in Brawl I have five missing stickers. Squirtle, Mr. Resetti, Sonic (US), Ike, and Liquid Snake. Four of those are random and I have a hard time getting them because of their rarities.

    Say, have you played F-Zero GX? Greatest racing game without a doubt. I've seen it sold for $5. It is definitely a worthy purchase. The game is really good, but it has a really hard difficulty levels. If I can unlock all of the characters, then I would think that you could too. So, even played it or heard about it?
    Just to have fun and get better at it, I suppose. I get greater fun using characters with some weaknesses to them too, because it's satisfying when you win.

    I've been out of the Brawl loop for the past week though. Been playing some Sonic games, lol
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