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  • Hey I wanted to let you know I have posted my Weather Tournament in my Clan, so sign-up will begin on August 20th. See you later.
    Man that sucks :( I've only had it happen to me about 5 times so for, not counting trades... I didn't lose anything, they just wanted to be like ha,ha, I'm not trading, I tricked you. Type of thing. Yeah that sounds like a good combo there :) Though I know a few team and item ideas that would shut-it down, though it's an interesting combo. I rarely do triple, but I could give it more of a try I guess.
    Yeah, Nintindo should really fix it or something. Your talking about 5+ countries across the world, there's got to be someone out there. Yes they are, I almost beat this guy and had his garchomp in the lowest red zone... yeah a garchomp XD Basicaly it was his one poke vs. my two. They both were beaten up pretty badly, but it pretty much came down to, I was going to win. PERIOD! Since even if he manage to get a rock slide in or whatever, there would be no way of him countering me and that would be the end of that. Then the horrorble notice popped up. Your connectiong with the other player was lost. He turned it off before I could give the final blow :/ How disappointing... Then I finaly get to my 5th battle and just before it starts, I lose the connection. I was then thinking, "Okay... did I scare him?" Which kinda made me mad since I had been waiting for about 11 minutes there to finally get someone. Sigh. Also no, it goes off by a ranking system. You start off at rank 1500 and it goes up or down depending on how many people you fight. To me it looks like loseing or winning doesn't hurt it too much. Since I have loose a few times and my rank went up, so it must be how many folks are left and such. You can fight as many people as you want and it goes on for X-amount of days, so untill it's over, you can keep fighting and once it's over, then they will take a week or so to figure out your score and everyone elses.
    Nope, but for some reason it takes forever to get a match going. Which doesn't make sence since your battling 49,999 other people across the world ^^; And plus two people turned off there DS to end the battle or not to start one. Which happen to me once on each... so it would have been 7 battles, but whatever.
    Good to hear, I think I did average, but better than I did last Fall 2011 torunament though, at least I hope I did ^^; I did 5 battles, so my score should be better since I only did two battles last year. Didn't have much fun in that one due to being restricted to 5th Gen only... Though in this one it was a free for all ^^ Though a lot of folks stayed with 5th gen and some 4th gen, and 1 1st Gen poke. So very odd, I was really thinking the battles would be a lot tougher, like seeing a Machamp or something. But pretty mild at least it was for me.
    How things been going? I'm still waiting on the results of the Wi-fi spring tournament... I'm getting a little inpatient.
    Hi, you remember me, right? Yeah, I'm sure you do. Anyway, I like watching your videos and would like to battle you on PO. What is your name and what server are you on?
    Nothing much. Busy with work, the International Wi-Fi Tournament, and the podcast. hahahah You?
    yeah. It wasn't too long ago. Server probably hasn't been updated. A lot of tier changes happened recently (example Durant is BL2 now)
    Good to hear and nothing much going on my end. I've been playing Final Fantasy XIII alot and traing pokes for the Spring tournament tomorrow over wi-fi.
    Always great to lift the veil of despair. We've also finished recording ep. 17 of the podcast! Announced a little contest too! Just needs editing and uploading.
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