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  • Gave your team a once over. Added a little bit of input. Looked pretty interesting, but I noticed some small issues with your current plans. Either way, your team seemed the only one I even wanted to bother adding input to xD
    I'm kinda thinking it's permanent with Justin tossing around the idea of me being a P.R.O. (Public Relations Officer) on twitter. I was just kinda burned out. Granted, it's only as permanent as I make it. No matter what, I'll always be part of StriatonRadio. I am paying for the bandwidth and all lol.
    Not a whole lot. Finally working again. I'm starting to see where working full time and partaking in a podcast are challenging lol. Been on a bit of a break from the forums. Just kinda need some alone time lol.
    I'll miss something sooner or later. I'm human so I make mistakes lol. I was teasing of course. Giving advice is easier when you can hit backspace when you goof up.
    Is it just me or do a lot of people point me out saying "listen to Omen" or "I agree with Omen"? I guess I'm doing something right. People listen to me and I seldom find myself in a logic war o_O

    Imma need you to call me out on an error sooner or later. Don't want the praise going to my head xD lol
    No issues. I assure you, your's will not be alone for long. I sense Kyurem frenzy in the wind. I'm actually kinda scared xD lol
    Pokemon Online? I don't play those, I like playing with real pokes I've trained myself, not to be rude or anything I mean ^^; But thank you for the offer though.
    That bites :( But I'm not nearly ready yet, so it doesn't matter as far as battling you goes, but I do feel bad your DS is broken though :/ Please let me know when you can get it fixed or get a new one. I'll let you know when I build a good enough team and will go from there, thank you for accepting my challange.
    I just rated your team on the forms and I would like to take it on if your intrested I mean. I don't have a team ready for competive battle, getting one ready for the Spring Wi-Fi Tournament that nintindo is throwing for the world. But when I do have one ready, would you be interested?
    Hope I helped a little :) the RMT never seems to fairly rate teams bar standard OU teams. I like a little originality
    I've updated my team on my RMT thread. Does it look any better to you (I've been looking at Smogon for a while)
    Of course, Regi and Azelf are theory pokemon. My original Azelf set is different, thus another Pearl Reset. I only obtained a Regi today with the set I wanted. Everything else is level 100 and ready to go (i know VGC does 50, but why stop there?)
    Thank you for the rate :) I was beginning to think the 2 and a half weeks I spent raising this team was going to be wasted on an empty thread xD lol
    The sad thing is, I'm more perceptive but less articulate when sleep deprived. I notice more, but I state it poorly lol
    A good note to remember. It's a bad idea to rate peoples teams when you are running on 2 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours. lol
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