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  • Hehehehe, I knows. You can always watch the Dutch one when you are really bored and you don't have anything better to do anyway XD

    Have fun watching it!
    Yep! It's on youtube!
    You didn't answered my last question, so I shall give you both links :3
    Japanes Eng subs
    Fieldy, interested in seeing football ninja style?
    Apparently that ep hasn't been dubbed to english yet.
    So I can only give you the link to the Japanese version with Eng subs or the Dutch version.
    We can't animate that recoloured eevee, so unless you provide an animated recoloured eevee, we can only make a static userbar with it :)
    Whoops. The one I gave you had a pixel of white between the legs. Here you go:
    i think that will happen...
    Or Pokemon A evolves when Pokemon B,C,D,E,and F are in team and you go to place A and teach moves A,B,C,D Ouch
    Yeah, every gen/remake will need to find places for leafeon, glaceon, probopass, magnezone. Shelmet and Karrablast are annoying because you need both
    Hooray for being the only person besides the creator to vote no more odd evos on the thread the creator made (i'm the creator!)
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