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Last Activity:
May 5, 2012
Sep 9, 2006
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Nonstop Breeder

Zerokku was last seen:
May 5, 2012
    1. Chibi_Muffin
      I agree with ElectricBlueWolf! Your sig rocks!
    2. Electricbluewolf
      Ahh, sorry if this is a bit random,
      but i love your sig!
      I mean who doesn't love Godot!
    3. Dragodynamite
    4. Dragodynamite
      As you seem to b a new, strong waylter, I must ask you, do you have a Last.Fm?
    5. (s.i.e)
      merci, it's pending:)
      it's a shame that i saw you so much without actualy taking the time to say hello once, for some reason i have that alot since i'm on work again.
    6. (s.i.e)
      hey zerokku, is it okay to you if i send you a friendinvite?
    7. Kubix
      Hi Im now using my sister's computer and Im finally here in Flagstaff,but I can't go on the chat,because windows securtiy doesn't allow me to install that activeX plugin because the name of the author isn't known...
    8. Profesco
      Nice word choice, Zerokku! ^_^ Hope you're well.
    9. Profesco
      Hey, Zerokku. Popping in for a random word. Oncology! See you later. =)
    10. Kubix
      when are you going to log?Now?Change your nickname to zerokku so I know when you're here^^
    11. Kubix
      Im leaving tomorrow at 12p.m. of my time^^ Sorry I didn't know you have morning,I have trouble with the time changes:p anyway it's 6:37p.m. here and if you want another IV battle then I'll be waiting^^ it's my last pkmn for my team that I need to check^^
    12. Kubix
      Hi,are you on the chat?
    13. AstralEon
      Hey, just read your message and i live in Mesa if your wondering. Happy Independence Day
    14. Profesco
      Thanks for popping in! Yes, I really do have respect for the actual thought you seem to have put into your observations. Recently, both online and off, people just don't seem to put any decent thought into their opinions and remarks. It's really remarkable to see someone who thinks in earnest before they speak. And, we have similar viewpoints on that particular issue! =)

      Yes, I'm having a great 4th, thank you. ^_^ I hope the same for you.
    15. Dustero
      I have a Lv. 54 Entei for you. I've Pmed you about it.
    16. PumpUpTheJim
      whattttttup. (ImEVingBidoof.) Bedtime for me.
    17. dodgers2213
    18. dodgers2213
      hey! You still need that Ice Beam?

      If so, I can give it to you in exchane for Pokerus
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