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  • also, I did notice about the message, I was writting something about it before the internet went down, tomorrow I will let you know, and dont worry, the snorlax can wait :p
    No problem you can give it to me later ^^
    I can not really judge how difficult it is to learn German because I was born with it, I can only compare it to the languages I know. English has hardly any grammar compared to German. We conjugate the verbs (and no, adding an -s to the third person singular does not really count xD), change adjectives depending on whether what it describes is masculine, feminin or neuter (yes, we have a third grammatical gender) and then we have what is probably the most difficult, something called "casus" in latin. Or actually 4 of them that make objects have different endings, also depending on their gender and singular/plural. I've never tried Chinese but I'd say that German is way more easier but I totally suck at anything that's close to drawing and the signs already freak me out xD Your native language was Spanish, right? I had learned it for three years at school but never used it again afterwards so I forgot almost everything. I found it quite easy in the beginning (but I was very good in French and since many words are similar, this helped me a lot!) but then we got bombarded with loooots of weird subjunktivo tenses and I totally lost track xD
    But yay for your masochism, go and learn German and Chinese! I heard Finnish was quite difficult as well xD
    From what Ive heard german is a very difficult language... What can you tell me about it? Ive been wanting to learn it a long time ago (actually every language, but especially the ones people say that are very difficult, like chinese for example, because you know, I dont like myself too much xD).
    The kabuto is no problem, I will try to get it for this trade, though I dont know if I will :/
    I'll be online from now till late midnight I think, if you could that would be great but if its to much of a problem or hassle then I can wait :)
    Inbox is full again :p

    I happen to have a Dream Ball roselia in stock, might that intrest you?

    I got other Dream ball mons I can offer though, feel free to check my list !
    Hello :), I have everything ready, but unfortunately I have a lot of work to do tomorrow, and I will probably be unavailable on the 24th, after christmas I am more than available
    Nice :). I can breed you the chimecho in the dream ball, but duskull with HA and in a dream ball is a hack, because he didnt get the HA until 6th gen (the same applies to kecleon, minun and plusle). Of course I have it non-HA, so if you still want it in a dream ball, I can breed it, also you can ask for one other dream ball pokemon for the trade (I mean, you get the chimecho, the duskull, and since both will not have HA, I can breed you another pokemon pretty easily)
    Hey there since your INBOX is full I'll put it here. Delete it when you have read it :)

    Good to hear ! You can perhaps help me alot ^^.

    I'm currently looking for a Numel (male) with 31/x/31/31/31/0
    The 0 Speed is important. If it might help you I have a good Numel with 0 IV's in speed in order for you to breed it over :)

    If you can help me with this you can pick any or several mon in my list for it lol I really need it.
    Female Repeat ball Cynda + Dream ball Female Aero for example NP xD
    Hello, sorry because I couldnt trade before (and even didnt message you...) I had some internet connection problems... BTW I have your pokemons ready, also can you catch or breed me a female HA skrelp inside a dive or luxury ball?
    Yes, I have. Will start breeding ASAP :). And about the plural of snorlax... well, I actually dont know, english is not my native language :/, but from what I know it should be as how you wrote it.
    all the birthday events you got have powersave dates. didn't need anything form others you listed
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