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  • Wow, it must be very exhausting catching all those pokemon o.o! Anyhow, I dont think resetting the games is a good idea, I mean, those are only 14 pokemons (7 snorlax, 7 sudowoodos), since you have 2 of them then only 12, and since I will trade you one then 11, which you can get easily by trading in some forums, I guess, of course, there is also the point that having a game all completed is pointless... so I dont know now which option is better ._.
    Anyway, I need to go to sleep now, so good bye :p
    Heh, ok, I will prepare myself for the list xD! Also I am missing most of the apricorn balls pokemon so you can make as many offers you like with those xD, though I am more interested in snorlax and sudowoodo since they are only obtanable once per game, so they are very rare (especially snorlax >.>). Have a happy holidays ^^!
    Merry Christmas then xD! Also, dont worry, those pokemon were spares I got from breeding for other people, if you are going to offer me the ones I told you then I will ask what you want for it (just in case I can breed any other dream ball pokemon with HA, aside for the 2 I want of course)
    Hello, I tried to send you a PM but your inbox is full. So I am gonna say it here. All you mentioned in the PM are available. If you give me at least one of the following I will be very grateful: female dream ball chatot with HA, female dream ball dunsparce with HA, female sudowoodo in any apricorn ball (except lure ball) or female snorlax in any apricorn ball (except heavy ball). But you dont have to give me anything. Also, sorry for the late reply.
    I want to get rid of them, but I think some other people might want them, thats why I put them in the giveaway section: they are gifts to whoever may want them. So you can send me any pokemon you want (yes, even a bidoof and things like that). But I cant trade right now, tomorrow we will do the trade if its fine.
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