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  • Pretty please? *Eevee eyes*

    Red's pretty excited about our battle too. I hope I hold out for another round, I didn't realize I got another 3-mover. This needs to be taken advantage of...
    hey zero we are opponents for the terrorist cup tour im GMT-7 and my exams are next mon-wednesday should be able to battle most days however
    Thanks. I've mentally come to terms with the fact that I can't win every match, so I'm prepared for some tougher ones.
    Since you've helped me a lot in the past, I have a few questions since I'm thinking about actually becoming active on UPN. Do I keep the squad I have on SPPf or do I need to re-submit them? So if I become TL2 on SPPf(which will be soon), will I be TL2 on UPN?
    Hey Zero, Hope everything is okay and going well with you; I was just checking up and wondering if you could possibly ref my and Red's battle, since it's going to be three weeks tomorrow since you last did a reffing. Thank you!
    General rule is if you feel like you should be apologizing for it, it's probably not the most sporting squad to bring. Though really it's usually just if you bring two of one 'mon. Most GL's and GT's will have a counter to common problems, but two of them in the same match will almost always present a reason for them to rage a little.
    Hey, I just wanted to say that if you ref me v. defiantdenial that match could be over in two rounds maximum. I don't really care about quality/description, I'd just like it to he finished.

    Just going to say that you are still the ref for Dusk and I. If you are going to finish, great, if not I need to know so I can find a new ref.
    Hey Zero, just letting you know that I'm going to be traveling for the weekend and I won't have internet access until Monday, so if my and redpanda13's match gets reffed in the next couple days please don't DQ me. Thanks!
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