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Recent content by zetsu

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    A basic guide to EVs, IVs and natures

    Ok, thank you :) So should I bother raising my pokemon to level 100 for the battle subway, or should I just go to level 50? I get how the EV spread is affected by levels, but not if the reduction in level also reduces stat gain...
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    A basic guide to EVs, IVs and natures

    I have a question about EV's and their use in the battle subway. The guide to EV's say EV's are calculated at 4 Ev's for one point at level 100. But in the battle subway, every pokemon is reduced to level 50. If I were to EV train a pokemon for the subway, would I have to EV train it and then...
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    #642 Thundurus

    Hey there, I'm looking for a legit Thundurus I can trade a zorua or a jirachi for it. PM me if you're interested.
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    Some Questions....

    Ok, so I was doing a mission to go to Concealed Ruins to the 26'th floor to rescue an Infernape. After battling my way through several monster houses, I finally reach my destination floor.... And then a message pops up saying "You have reached a destination floor! But it appears the pokemon in...
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    stupidest thing u hav ever done in any pokemon dungeon game

    Ugh. ACCIDENTALLY using Lunar Dance when I had 0/100 Belly :( As soon as I clicked Lunar Dance and realized what I had done, I wanted to shoot myself lol. I lost my Golden Mask :( I worked so hard to get it :'(
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    I need help! Lol

    Hello :D Recently in my Pokemon Explorers of Darkness game, I have been trying to assemble some teams..... The Pokemon Gotei 13 (From Bleach) and the Pokemon Akatsuki (From Naruto). Which pokemon would you suggest would fit the role in each team? Such as 2'nd division Soi Fon and Omeada? Or...
  7. Z

    Most Hated Pokemon

    I would have to say I don't like Arceus..... Well, it's not that I don't like it, it's just that MewTwo was supposed to be the most powerful pokemon. I understand that people probably in the pokemon games probably don't even know Arceus exists, but it seems adding a "God" pokemon into the game...
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    the resort house furniture, uncommon taste for a teenager?

    Another question...... Is the character a teenager???? Becuase he only weighs something like..... 84 lbs...... Right? I would've thought he was more like ten..... or something...... Anywho, sorry if I'm discriminating or anything, I'll probably get infractions for this useless comment anyways......
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    Catching Garintina, Very easy.

    Hm...... Does anybody else think that they made it a teensy bit easier to catch the legendary pokemon? Because all I ever did was throw quick balls and I got Dialga and Palkia on the first try, the roaming pokemon on the first try as well as Azelf! Giratina took a little more time, but still...
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    Diamond/Pearl Help Thread (Deluxe Edition - READ FIRST POST BEFORE YOU POST)

    Thanks to both of you for answering (Sorry for not quoting you Hydrohs). It will sure help me alot :P And about the whole croagunk thing, that seems logical. It was just so shocking to find my controls stopped working, so I looked around the screen and saw the little guy running, twas funny :P...
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    Diamond/Pearl Help Thread (Deluxe Edition - READ FIRST POST BEFORE YOU POST)

    Two questions :P Hi, sorry to bother you guys, but I was wondering about two things....... 1. Can you get berry juice from shuckle in Pokemon Platinum? And...... 2. What is the point of the croagunk that runs into the entrance of the great marsh in Pokemon Platinum? It happened to me...
  12. Z


    Hi, I died in Concealed Cavern B24 and in need of a rescue..... I put my request on the WFC and the code is 0000-0021-7252. If you can rescue me before tomorrow, that would be greatly appreciated. As for the reward send me a message and I'll do my best to get it for you!
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    Battle tower help!

    You know, that makes perfect sense!
  14. Z

    Battle tower help!

    Any more suggestions?
  15. Z

    Favorite Music

    Gah! I LLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEEEE The Under Music! And Miror B's. music. Hooray for the Under! I was sssssoooo sad when Nett ( I think thats his name...) said they buried it :(