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    I see you praising a hurricane's faint silver lining in it's deadly deluge Malanu. *sigh* More bad than good.
    That's impressive! Is it a quote or are you poetic like that?
    Seeing your posts is a reminder that there are reasonable people in the world 7.
    Thanks, same can be said by your posts.
    It's nice when a plan comes to fruition, heh. What interested you in this young lady, if I may ask? =)

    Well, congrats on the job. What'll you be doing? I trust you won't overload yourself with the future classes. I had a professor who got his PhD by the age of 24, and I just couldn't imagine how he found the time or money. @_@

    As long as we're hoping, let's shoot for "laptop on the beach."
    You seem to have it down to a science, Zevn. Do this often? ;P

    Ah, well, it's not all that interesting. Most of the work so far is trying to compile a list of what qualifies as "disciplinary identity skills" or something to that effect. And no need to be sorry about the coding work; I actually enjoy organizing data. Now, this has me thinking - what are you doing over the summer? I believe you're taking a few courses, yes? I'm wondering how you're moving along on the way to med school. ^_^
    It is the soul of wit.

    Hah, it doesn't look too bad to me. At least not the finding girls part. I'd rather meet a girl in a library than a bar, a place which gets far more lip service than do academic 'cruising' locations. But how does one go about showing off while tutoring, if you don't mind?

    Ah, well, briefly, then. The unpaid project involves examining how project-based education can help improve discipline-specific literacy in adolescents. The paid one will be a few hundred hours' worth of coding and data entry for my school's psych department. =P
    Not at all. My interest and attention is drawn in too many directions here and irl to keep up with large VMs and PMs, so the brief and irrelevant ones tend to take priority because they're easier to jot a reply to and get on to the next thing.

    I'd still argue you have the right idea. Isolation for the sake of study in the present leads to no socialization with smart ladies, which leads to difficulty finding the main ingredient of the future life: the future wife. In short, I need to get out more, haha. Elaborate on the projects, do you mean?
    I'm sorry my profile sees so much activity, but more sorry that I too easily forget ongoing conversations.

    I'm doing research over the summer - one project for resume glitter and one for money. Socializing with former tutees sounds like a more enjoyable way to spend your time, Zevn-sama.
    I probably should have warned you that it's kinda long. And I should probably apologize because it may sound like I just cited a book without quoting--you know, in about the way I suggested not to do in the Debate Forum.

    In any case, you may see what I mean by reading some particular sections of it. We can discuss that further when you get through it. I could also mention that some other works of fictional stories or series suit the purposes of this discussion to a greater or lesser extent (such as The Chronicles of Narnia, The Matrix, and TRON).

    Seriously, though, thanks for being willing to read that!
    You know, it was a little unreal to see yaoi discussed in the debate forum, aha. I'm hot and tired of research. How are you?
    Before anything else, I'd like to say that this issue exists independent of whether texts religions accept as inspired contain errors or not. In fact, this issue could easily be discussed even if no religions had ever existed.

    Have you ever read the story Flatland?
    It was about this statement here (I hope it works right; sometimes the VM interface messes up with quotes):

    To exist in our Universe, you must obey the laws of science. God(if he/she/it exists) must obey these laws as well. The laws that govern reality do not refute the existence of God, but they do bind the ability to interact in an omnipotent sense on this plane of existence.
    I'm not really sure how to word my question, but how exactly is this demonstrated? It sounds almost like you're saying that the laws can never be "bent" for lack of a better word. Am I misunderstanding?
    Hmm. Well in that case, I should probably apologize if I came across as saying "Hey! You gotta quote! Do it now!" That was not at all my intent. While I think quotes are probably gonna help, I'm not going to get angry without them. Instead, I'll just let you know that I think they'll help!

    To be honest, similar to what you mentioned about internet articles, I've sometimes been frustrated when I'd read a book and the author would quote articles in publications that I'd probably not be able to access. That's why, when I write articles, I tend toward books.

    May I ask a completely unrelated question?
    I kinda understand that. I felt bewildered when I was accused of "hiding" instead of debating when I cited a book without quoting it.

    Were your two sentences about two different topics, or were they both about citation? I couldn't tell.
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