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  • My VMs don't get much activity so it's not really possible to clutter my page so no worries.

    And I have to say the "threesome with Christ" comment made me laugh. XD
    awe poor zeven ><. man you and sobe have been having bad luck. I hope you get better soon. *laughs a bit* maybe if your nice sobe will share his soup with you =P.
    Oh. My. God. Call me a moron, I can aparently connect with the internet frm home on black, just the older games I can't. *Cries with happy* I just tested. Can't believe I never thought to try black, the newer game! I'm free all night to trade 8D
    It looks as if Safeway's wifi might be up and running again so I'll try and get in there and test it again seeing as it might be my best option. Either that or I'll see if I can convince dad to turn off the wifi blocking security system on our compys for a day.
    I was highly impressed when you said that the 'soul' was an emergent property in the abortion debate. That's all.
    whoooot. i am free as well. uh busy? its been nice though. got most of the harder tests over with, don't need to worry about a job though i am waiting to be officially "on" the job. and all that good stuff. wbu? oh i can transfer now as well
    I thought so. The better you understand fields that inform yours, the better you understand your own. And they're all pretty interesting to boot. I'm really glad to hear philosophy is your hobby, Zevn. That subject in particular seems to me an invaluable mental exercise. Just a little training in good philosophy can change a person - it makes you that much stronger a thinker. I hate to say it, but philosophical training makes it easy to see how wackily and worryingly confused people can be in so many ways, how muddled and shabby people's thinking abilities are. That sounds extremely arrogant, but I mean it for myself, too. It's humbling to put yourself under scrutiny, and yet empowering to develop the skills to forge a better and more defensible understanding of... anything, I guess. I could romanticize it forever.

    What draws you to medicine, may I ask? Specifically going for pediatric oncology casts you in just about one the noblest of lights I can imagine.
    Impressive. ^_^

    My story is far less so. I've got one year left until I have a BA in psych with a minor in philosophy. I tutor a bit, and babysit, but most of my time is spent participating in research to prep for grad school. It's a heck of a workout trying to get into a fully-funded PhD program in cognitive neuroscience. I'm hoping to find a program that lets me combine psychology, biology, and philosophy all at once. I plan to write in all three fields post-doctorally, so I'm shooting for credentials. =P

    We'd make great pals irl, I think.
    Zevn, so you are a personal trainer and a philosopher? Pardon my profiling, but that doesn't seem to be a common combination. How'd you end up such a diverse person?
    Basically Spinoza's, better known as Einstein's, "God." If there were any god I might be described as a believer in, it would be Einstein's.
    Haha, I know. That winky face was me kidding around.

    I'd probably bet on the same outcome you would, but it is interesting too to play around with the idea that maybe God was just like us, and gambled on that same idea when he decided to create man. (Granting all the necessary assumptions for this hypothetical, of course. =P)
    That explanation makes it sound like you'd try to follow the plan of the god you don't believe in. ;P
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