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Recent content by Zevn

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    What if all Pokemon were viable?

    There are a lot of NFE pokemon that I love, with not really caring for their fully evolved forms.. Haunter Dragonaire Charmeleon Grovyle Metang
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    I need help.

    I'll give you a phantump since you *need* it. PM me. I do not have access to a satchet or the pink thing it goes with, as I also have X.
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    But Would You Be A Trainer?

    No. I would go around freeing pokemon, by force if necessary. Slaves treated well are still slaves.
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    What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?

    Drink two family size bottles of coffee mate, stand on your head, and sing Ellie Goulding's cover of Your Song, do it without throwing up, and I'll chip in for a 3DS(1/3d $). ___ I got kicked out of an exam today for playing pokemon after I finished, but I had already put it on the prof's desk...
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    Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

    Confirmation bias about mashing a when throwing a pokeball increasing chances of capture. Killed a Charmander in Blue in the Cinnabar Island mansion. (never saw another one obviously)
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    Stressful/disappointing GTS stories.

    Lies in notes and requests for Xerneas x28395793276487 is what I hate most about the GTS. However, people do put up hidden abilities, egg moves, or good IV'd things from time to time. ----- edit: It will never be the people asking for something unreasonable in exchange though.
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    My FIRST Shiny! What's yours?

    Deerling, just running through the grass midgame.
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    Cheating on your partner.. is it as wrong as people make it out to be

    She doesn't know what she's missing. Anyway.. OT: Yes, it is very wrong. Betraying someone who loves you, cares about your wellbeing, and invests a large amount of their life in you is flat wrong.
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    Forget legality, and look at the logic behind being against pedophilia. A child is not as emotionally mature, cognitively, socially, or sexually developed to the point where it is moral to coerce them into sexual activity. Sex is most likely traumatizing to someone who is developing, and has...
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    Ignoring fine distinctions because they conflict with your message just makes you look like a prat. I don't have sex with women to reproduce. I do it because I like feeling good, and I like making them feel good; My sexual activity is equivalent to all of those things in your opinion based on...
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    Islamophobia and McCarthyism

    Vindicated in the eyes of the reasonable perhaps, which I'm sure you are aware is not the majority of the U.S.
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    Islamophobia and McCarthyism

    Publicly accusing her is far different than investigating in the interest of safety. They are trying to discredit her.
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    Islamophobia and McCarthyism

    I would say it's better to judge someone based on their actions, rather than the actions of their family.
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    Not a quote. I was trying to convey how I see it before I'm forced to turn ideas into words. __...

    Not a quote. I was trying to convey how I see it before I'm forced to turn ideas into words. __ I was thinking about something you said today. You spoke of not assailing people's positions of safety, but just showing them that it's not grounds for governing the lives of others. I think there...
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    Homosexuality & Politics in the 21st Century

    I see you praising a hurricane's faint silver lining in it's deadly deluge Malanu. *sigh* More bad than good.