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  • You probably already know this, but I'm going to say it anyways because I just realized that I gave you an incorrect answer in the Platinum Help thread.

    To fight with a friend in the Battle Frontier over Wi-Fi, you have to indeed exchange friend codes, but you meet up with your friend not in the Battle Frontier, but in the normal Wi-Fi room that you access through the basement of any Poke Center. "Frontier" is one of the options on the list of actions that you can take (along with Trade, Single Battle, etc).
    At this point I'm only trading for Level 70 or higher Tropius and Bibarel. After I get those I will accept Shinies.
    You can only visit Resetti's house in Animal Forest E+, the japanese version of Animal Crossing IIRC.

    I've had the Gamecube version since late 2003, some town and I still play it frequently.
    No. But I heard it from a lot of people.

    But here is a confirmed myth: You can go into Resetti's house.

    Have you ever played the GC version?
    Haven't played the japanese version, but that I recall that being a myth. Do you have any pictures to support this?
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