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  • I am desperately trying to find a new mod to help with PAD, since right now the stupidity/mods ratio is decidedly tilted towards stupidity. Beyond that, I'm doing what I can and trying not to ban half of PAD while doing it.
    He got permabanned on BMG for something similar.

    Anyway I'm done with the series, but I HAVE to see what Iris/Dento are like. Just the satisfaction of it amuses me.
    But Max annoyed the hell out of me
    Lies. Max was your favorite character back then, and you know it. :)
    You could probably cut out the 2007-early 2009 period from that.

    But what can I say... Come for the Pokemon, stay for the hilariously bad forum posts.
    I'll watch the eps eventually. But right now I'm mostly taking a break from watching newer eps, and then I'll marathon them all later on.
    Wow. You ha d no way of getting on the internet otherwise, like at school or the library or one of those disturbing internet cafes?
    White House Dog okay? You still get all the executive privledges, but without the dealing with angry banks, auto companies, and foreign nations.
    If I'm sane, I dread to think of the mental condition of some of the other members. If I'm sane.
    Piplup is not popular enough outside of Pokemon to break into Brawl. Pikachu is mainstream popular, the PKM trainer is their for a nostalgia R/B/Y fix, and so no starter outshines the other. Jiggly's still popular, and Lucario>Mewtwo now a days.

    And like I said, no starter will outshine the other, that's why Blaziken wasn't in Brawl/Melee, and he was pretty popular.
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