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Oct 12, 2008
Likes Received:
May 13, 1995 (Age: 25)
Melbourne, Australia

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    1. bobandbill
      Hi there! How goes/where did you go?
    2. Grey Wind
      Grey Wind
      Thank you!!
    3. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Hey! It's been a while. How are you?
    4. Dragalge
      Oh hello again!

      And thanks for your consent!
    5. TurtwigFan1
      I'm super impressed tbh! LIVESTREAM IN 4 DAYS I'M SO EXCITED
    6. TurtwigFan1
      Hey! I was just wondering whether you have any social networks (Twitter or Tumblr mainly) that we could talk on? Both of us are never on here anymore lol. ALSO HOW AMAZING HAVE TAYLORS LATEST CANDIDS BEEN IN NEW YORK? IM SO EXCITED FOR ALBUM 5!!!!

      EDIT: I'm gonna bet how long it takes for you to reply. I'm going with 2 months!
    7. Drake Pokétrainer
      Drake Pokétrainer
      Oii, Zhanton, idk if you still go online here, but is there any reason why EGC has been down for 3 days now?
    8. peacemaker987
      Not too badly haha, I'm not taking any summer courses currently so I'm just kind of enjoying my normal life I guess, you?
    9. Dragalge
      Hey Zhanton, do you think I can recreate this game?
    10. KillerDraco
      Time certainly does fly.

      Thanks though, I still poke around in IGRMT every now and again, but mostly I've been doing "damage control" as of late when there's misinformation/bad advice being thrown around.
    11. Grey Wind
      Grey Wind
      It wasn't as good as some of the other years but I still enjoyed it (maybe I'm getting old or something haha). Austria and Russia were the best.
    12. Indragon
      Funny, the first reaction to that question is always "Nothing much". :P But you know, college and related stuff. What's up with you?
    13. Tsumiki
      I'm double majoring psychology and english! Not sure what I want to do with my life quite yet, but we'll get there eventually!

      So what about you, what's your college life like?
    14. Murder Doll
      Murder Doll
      Hey look it's your birthday...have a happy one.
    15. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Jobs related to writing and publishing. Funny you should ask me that today because I just said yes to a job offer earlier today. If everything goes well I start before the month ends. XD
    16. Peter Quill
      Peter Quill
      A lot better thankfully. Just got a summer job and I've been going to the gym consistently for like a week and a half now :) How about you?
    17. peacemaker987
      Heya! Whatsup ?
    18. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Yep, I'm in the middle of job-hunting atm, and it's going pretty okay. At least it isn't a one-sided conversation. Hahaha.

      I'm pretty sure we've all said a lot of weird things in the past few years that we'll regret now. XD
    19. Indragon
      Hiya! :) Been ages, huh?
    20. Tsumiki
      Hey You Pikachu!

      Busy as always, I'm spending a lot of time doing college related stuff and most of my spare time going to watching Anime or lulling about in general. I haven't been as active on SPPf, but I think that's inevitable =/ So hbu?
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    May 13, 1995 (Age: 25)
    Melbourne, Australia
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