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Oct 12, 2008
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May 13, 1995 (Age: 24)
Melbourne, Australia

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    1. bobandbill
      Time machines are sadly expensive. =( You can see the problem there.

      Oh, I always worry. o_o But yes, I have. It's pretty fun, have to say! Maybe a bit too fun at times seeing I still have to do some project work during my semester break. =p Did you get it?
    2. Skiyomi
      I'm gonna have to take the test soon, because my permit expires in August and I reaaaaaally don't want to take the permit test again if I don't absolutely have to.

      Yeah, club activities are great for that. Hopefully you'll be able to make time for those. I didn't get to as many as I probably should've when I was in college X_x
    3. Frozen Sunset
    4. Tsumiki
      And then I winded up losing my iPod. Well, derp.

      You should~~ it's free on iTunes occasionally, and like $1.99 otherwise. You're doing yourself a disfavour by not playing it. Disfavor is a thing, right?

      Of course six years later, I don't remember anything about American schools besides them lockers x)

      That tends to happen a lot with me x). That being said, a mutual annoying at noobs is always a great convo starter :)
    5. ITG_321
      oh, sorry about that, lemme fix the posts :D
    6. Erik Destler
      Erik Destler
      did you ever make a blog or do you just hate me
    7. Erik Destler
      Erik Destler
      yo yo yo whats up
    8. Z-nogyroP
      Alright, approved!
    9. Z-nogyroP
      Hey, would you mind if I remade the Telephone Game from forever ago?
    10. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      So, would you be interested in partcipating in the project? It's going a little slow, maybe you can throw in your two cents.
    11. BadWolf Churchill
      BadWolf Churchill
      There will come a time I'm sure. Actually yeah, we can either watch the coast or look out to sea and go past the volcano which might destroy Auckland one day.

      Not as good as last year, difficulty spike and all that.
    12. KillerDraco
      Things aren't necessarily bad though, they're just tiring. Which basically means that tired has become my default mood. I appreciate the sentiment nonetheless, however. And don't worry about the lateness, it's not a big deal.
    13. bobandbill
      Quaint in particular is a nice word. =)

      Heh, that is a fine idea there. Just gotta wait for winter to roll in there again then.
    14. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      I guess it'd be or ingame, but we could also do SCRMT sometimes.

      But if they read some of the posts and even try their hand at contributing; it could be valuable knowledge. Besides; you'll never learn if you don;t make mistakes.
    15. TurtwigFan1
      Did you have a good day? And yeah I was looking forward to seeing her in 2013 bc 13 but looks like it's not gonna happen :c are you excited for X & Y?
    16. Devastator2000
      Nice! I knew you'd succeed :U
      Well, I've been a brony for like, a year now, and I came out of the brony closet at the end of last year x3
      Nothing much eventful though. My life has no events :P
    17. Skiyomi
      I'm still practicing. I'm not very used to it.

      It's true about the friend thing. That's the rough part after high school is over. Are you living on campus? It's much easier to meet people that way than if you commute.
    18. bobandbill
      They're timeless/classic/quaint/etc!

      Just gotta convince said friends to give me money. ;)

      Aw, oh well.
    19. Devastator2000
      But that's...exactly...what I said >:I

      Damn, I seriously got bored of this place after all the people I knew and loved as a kid just got up and left. What's shaking, zhanton? We haven't talked since christmas!
    20. Skiyomi
      I've gotta get my license before I can get too much into job hunting.

      That's great! As far as I'm concerned, college > high school.
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    May 13, 1995 (Age: 24)
    Melbourne, Australia
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