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  • Yep! It is pretty impressive. Not that cheap mind, but that is to be expected. (And we planned our 7 day transport passes to include the trips on them, haha).

    Yes, we have monorails, although I have not used it in many years.

    Pity I'd need to have more of a clue about engineering first though. :<

    Media and Communications sounds a bit dull to me. =p Ah well, it's not too often you get a semester with all your subjects being good I guess...
    That's good to here haha. I haven't even finished White man. I stopped after the first E4 run through. I have no desire to finish. XD
    Nah, no monorails, although they have a very good train system! Also bullet trains. Those are pretty darn fast and quiet.

    And indeed! Great for winter (which was the case when we went over there). Japan all the way.

    What subjects are you taking up this semester?
    Ooh! I've always wanted to join those Amazing Race type of games. I've been in one but we were terrible in it =)) Heaps of fun though!
    That feeling! That's why I ended up using my old iPod Touch as my MP3 Player x). Not the most elegant player, but it works!

    You should so Cosplay as a Zombie from Plants Vs Zombies! Possibly the Football Zombie?

    From what I know, it seems that most of East Asia does that. It was really awkward for me when I first attended school in Korea. I had gotten too used to being American and stuff x).

    Awesome, you'll understand the purpose of this question in a couple of days. Unless I become super lazy. You may never see it, then.
    My problem was with the cable rather than the actual charger, but same difference x). In hindsight, I probably should have gotten the 32GB model over the 16GB model.

    ...You're kidding, right? Man, you have been living under a rock.

    Well, next March, technically. Our school year starts at March.

    ...Any chance of you narrowing it down to one Pokemon? It's...kinda important. Sort of. Maybe. ...It'll all make sense eventually.
    I had the exactl same problem, had to get my charger replaced twice. That sucked, but at least 'sall good now!

    Because you know, Cosplay doesn't exist!

    I know the feeling. It feels like yesterday I was a freshman, now I'm in Senior Year!

    Also, favorite Pokemon?
    Tried replying but uni internet sucked badly today. D=

    Anyways it was quite good fun overall! We (I and a bunch of friends) were there for ten nights, and stayed in Tokyo and Osaka (plus a day trip to Kyoto). Pity it is over now, but it was fun while it lasted. Trains are also amazing (if crowded like crazy given how often they can come...) and stuff like hot cocoa from vending machines existed. In a can.

    Also I bought many a Pokemon plush. =p

    Anything of interest happen for yourself lately?
    Well, I'm going to ask Shine if I can open it up with a few Threads in it and then begin submitting so that it's more convenient for all of us.

    Me, you, Joe, peace, Steph and Ampy.
    Well, I finished it on time, which I guess is already a good thing XD

    Ooh! What's the most awesome thing you've experienced so far?
    Actually there a few trolling Threads, but mainly overall good Team worth noting would be nice.

    It's alright, I shouldn't have rushed :]
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