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  • Most rich kids, more like it. The working-class enviroment around me atm barely has kids playing instruments. Then again, this is Korea so.. Cool, did you sing Tenor? X)

    Where do you live, again? It was a real culture shock to me, being called Number 29. You get used to it after a while, but eh...

    Flyers aren't a staple on my team. In fact, I usally end up havig a Flyer because it's a Pokemon's subtype. I never knew about those Red Shards on my first run whih sucked. It was only after completing the game and looking through the forums I found out about 'em. I facepalm'd so hard.

    Don't worry, and focus on them!
    I AGREE COMPLETELY =)) And no I haven't? I didn't even know cellardoor was a word. XDD

    How are they? I'm in my sembreak now but my home has no internet and I have to leech off other homes' and coffee shops'. x_x
    Guess you beat me in everything then... I like a lot, mostly rock, metal, techno, jazz/blues, and some of everything that isn't dubstep.
    Well I like both names! I guess it's a bit different for you than it was for me, I couldn't wait to change my username. XD
    I've only ever seen the Melbourne Cup on TV, have you been there?

    Well, I won't be able to do the exams actually... At least, not at the same time as the others, in the best case scenario.

    Actually I didn't end up picking either for my team, I got the games on the 15th in Ballarat and my Black 2 card ended up being faulty. Kept freezing at Floccesy Ranch and I kept reseting, and then after that I would select "Continue" and it was just stuck on a black screen. Was really weird, but I got to swap the card over so hopefully it'll work this time. Decided to trade some eggs over because the Torchic line is soooo much better than the Tepig line. Also Bagon, Budew, Horsea, Magnemite and Sandile.
    You are most definitely infinitely cooler than me, however I am most definitely more clumsy than you, so ha, take that. We seem to have a huge difference in taste of games and music... besides Pokemon, but that's cool, I like learning about other people's thoughts on stuff :p
    Yep, coz we've only got each other, really. XD

    I haven't seen them before but they look freaking delicious. And it's a word used a lot in my course XD And ooh incongruous sounds so amazing too!

    Ah, alright. Good luck with your exams! :)
    Haha, not a lot to say. Just a regular forum goer that likes Pokemon and other various video game franchises. I like anime, not a huge watcher though. I'm in my senior year, and stressed as hell over it. Now tell me everything about yourself and hopefully you can outdo me :p
    The exams cover theorum, but I do play several instruments. I play the violin and the piano. I'm also practicing the guitar, though I can't say I'm very good. How 'bout you?

    Thing is, I went to a private school back during my American days. We still had around 20 per class, though. 35 people makes it so that every student is assigned a number, and you get called your number more than your name by teachers.

    I never really found Flying to be that bad of an issue tbh. If I really need to Fly, I can pick a Pidove up or something. Shame that those shaking patches take so damn long to spawn, right? Speaking of those things, I spent the longest time farming Shards for Tutor moves during my past playthrough, and I may have to do it again. fml.
    Awesome! You'll be a fellow arts major then! :D

    Hmm, not familiar with them myself? And soliloquy is one of those words that just sound really cool and your day becomes slightly better when you say it. It's kinda like verisimilitude. XD
    caught red handed. Hello to you too, always nice to meet new people on here!
    I know, time flies way too fast! If I ever said I'm finished with school and exams it was a lie, final exams are in less than two weeks... And they had to go and release the new games right in time for them.

    Hope yours go well.
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