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  • Well hi :) how are you doing?

    I'm alright thanks, finished university and now I'm just looking for a job at the minute.
    omg im laughing bc i thought i already had and ive been waiting for you to accept IM SORRY (also very happy late birthday)
    Yeah. The youngest in a team of people who average on being double my age so it's understandable. XD

    Oh, good luck with that. It's both the most rewarding and most stressful part of the semester.

    Ooooh! Leche Flan and Sisig are some of my favorites. I'm glad you enjoyed them! And yes, Christmas here basically means you have like ten meals a day, which is the best. You spelled both of those correctly, btw. :p
    Mostly researching, some editing, very few writing. But I did write the draft of an article for a future issue so there's that.

    Oh cool! How's school treating you?

    Oh haha, that's great! Shame we didn't bump into each other, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. Did you try any Filipino food?
    Yep, I'm working for a magazine now! It's been hard but good so far.

    Oh wow, what year are you in now?

    And yep, I do! I'm assuming your summer's ended which is why you're using past tense? XD I'm technically in the middle of summer, though no vacation. :p
    Oh wow, it's been so long! I've been busy with work and other real-life stuff so I don't post around much anymore, but I still lurk here and there.

    How about you? How have you been?
    Done! And yesssssss I'm so excited!!!! Kinda sad she's only doing two arena dates in the UK when last time she did five but oh well! Are you going? Hope you had a great holidays/New Year!
    I'm confused bc I definitely did <///3 I WILL DOUBLE CHECK ASAP!!!!! and ikr!!!! 1989 is honestly so perfect, it exceeded all my expectations
    Maybe you should start a new Murder series? XD I think you'd do great! We should call it a different name though...
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