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  • Oh, yeah, the cute type pokemon would suit him so well. *coughs*

    Lol. I usually used the pc AND play Platinum at the same time. So, I assume you have already beaten Cynthia by now, right? Battle Roulette is called Battle Arcade. The one where you battle specific types is the Battle Hall. Warning! Once you challenge the Battle Frontier, you would keep battling...battling...and battling...especially when someone beat you. It IS that addictive...to me, at least.
    I occasionally watch Idol, but I've never had any real interest in AFL, to be honest. Ever seen Good News Week?
    I believe they attempted surgery, but the vet decided to put her down as she likely would have died anyway, it was that severe.
    True. Being unique makes you stand out from the crowd.
    I am quite sure that there are more people that used the default green skin then the dark one. Oh no! Does that mean I am not unique? D=

    Wow! Good job! Speaking of Platinum, I just got beaten by a kid in the Battle Arcade. Her Starmie keeps hitting with Blizzard and Thunder without missing. Grrrrrrr......*complains*
    Just managed to get a streak of 38. Oh well! That's a new record for me anyway.
    Oh, okay. Gotcha.

    Everybody(well, almost everybody) uses the Dark skin. It does look cool but it's too popular! What am I saying? I might use it...someday. =P

    I wanted to ask Sweet may to split the banner for me but her shop is closed, so I use Google and found a site that can do that. *hugs Google*
    My banner actually has 2 links now. ;)
    Sri Lanka, you say? Awesome! So, do you look like an Asian? Hehe...;)

    Lol. Yeah. That's true. Haha. Actually, I prefer the Spinda one. It's just more appealing to me. Or maybe it's because of the forum skin I am using, which is the default one.

    My sig is fine now. Yay! ^^
    They are slime, which are purple! (o.0) You call that "cute" and "adorable"?

    By here, I meant somewhere in the world.
    Okay, fine. Somewhere in Asia. ;)

    Oh, so the person with the Azumarill sig(which is adorable, btw) I just saw in the Platinum Recent Happenings thread is you? Wow! You are right. It IS hard to recognise people with different sigs.

    EDIT: I just checked and my banner is too big, afterall. =/
    Wait a minute! By Muk, you meant Purugly, right? :O

    Well, at least they are events in Australia. I don't think there has ever been a single Pokemon event here. Probably never will be such events held here. =/

    What?!?! You waited that long for a banner? She should have finished it in like...8 minutes!
    Woah...I better get it checked too ASAP. Thanks for the warning!

    Well, most of the final evolved forms of Pokemons don't look as cute as they used to be.
    What?!?! They don't do events in Australia? Really? I thought they did since they have an Australia release date for the games...right?

    Can't wait to see your new banner. ;)
    Gasp! Your banner is too big? I didn't even realised that. :O

    Well, the Sky forme looks more mature than the normal forme, so maybe that explains why? I am so glad they decided to give out event Pokemons through Wi-Fi now. That's fair for those who don't stay wherever events are usually held...like me.

    Yeah, it's hard to let people know that your are...well, you with new sigs, avatar and all. I think I am stuck with with this sig for a while, since I am quite busy recently. I am too lazy to change it anyway. =P

    *is jealous that you has a higher post count*
    *throws a pie at your face*
    *keeps quiet*
    *eats a blueberry pie*
    Okay, I have to tell you this. I don't like your sig. Why? Because I LOVE it! Seriously. The texts are so appealing. @.@

    Oh man! I want to use a Shaymin now! When is the event available in US?
    *waits patiently*
    I am not from the US, by the way. ;)

    I don't think so. When a thread is closed, the posts wouldn't disappear. If a thread is deleted/moved to a forum which posts will not be added to your post count(GASP!), then, yeah, say bye bye to some(or many) of your precious posts. (T.T)
    I thought they just decided to close the caption thread and create a new one in the games forum. Oh well!
    FYI, my post count dropped from 500+ to 349. (X_X)
    Wow! I love your new sig! So confusingly awesome...if that makes sense. =P

    Shaymin would just blasts all its opponents with Seed Flare! Which is totally cool! =)

    Ugh...what happened to my post count? I am suspecting that a mod deleted the Anime Caption thread in Anime Spoiler. I thought they just closed it. Whatever. Too lazy to go and check. =.="
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