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  • Seviper's my favourite stand-alone, but the Duskull line are my favs overall. Pavlova with strawberries and peppermint is delicious.
    Hate rap?!
    Yeah, your post made sense. I listen to Ice Cube, Eazy E, N.W.A, Da Lench Mob, Cypress Hill, West Side Connection, and a few more. It's al about the oldies for me.

    I'm probably the only Italian white guy on SPPF that listens to rap XD
    Oh no, you didn't! :O

    Jolteon is great for a solo run but it's kinda powerful...and I want a challenge. That's why I chose Cleffa. If not, I probably would have chosen a starter...or...or...or Shaymin. ^^
    Lol. Sweet May's banners are amazing, aren't they? *hugs banner*
    I decided to use a Jolteon banner since the Eevee avatar doesn't match the Cleffa sig I was using. Oh! And I am using a Jolteon is Pokemon Tactics. ;)
    Who knew a sig can inspire someone to do something? :)

    Yeah, I am the guy with the Munchlax avatar, banner and stuff. Well, I am usually bored with a certain theme after a few days/weeks...so yeah. And I thought I don't like changes...or do I? I don't know. =/

    Nope, I haven't started the Cleffa only run yet. It's been postponed or possibly canceled. Not motivated to do it. Come on, a Cleffa? What was I thinking? Should have chose a Clefairy, instead. Hey, I might do that! =D
    Well, yeah, it is really all about the money, but if you really want to be a teacher, you should go for it, even if your parents disagree.

    Wow, so you like all that stuff?
    If you don't know, a criminal justice degree is a degree for becoming a police officer.
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