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  • Hey You Pikachu!

    Busy as always, I'm spending a lot of time doing college related stuff and most of my spare time going to watching Anime or lulling about in general. I haven't been as active on SPPf, but I think that's inevitable =/ So hbu?
    Well, if it's a show, then I see no reason why it can't have it's own thread. Feel free to post it in Entertainment. :)
    i'm still coming here sometimes to talk to people, really. i'm fine though, i really need to stop staying up late though, takes a toll on me lol
    Just finished my last requirement for college, and right now I'm waiting for my grades. :)

    What do you mean? Hahaha.
    AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING of course. She's improved so much since the Fearless tour it's actually crazy. Ed Sheeran appeared at my concert too which was really cool + her mum walked right past me and I was so starstruck I couldn't speak lol. Can't wait for the next album now!!!
    Ghost/Fight is still great iirc.

    As for new combo, I know one, Fairy + Ground. With the exception of Charizard, Moltres, Crobat, Levitate Bronzong, and Skarmory (if I miss any, tell me), anything that resist Fairy takes SE damage from Ground.
    That's a thing! So what do you think about it?

    Now I just need to spend my winter vacation saving money to be able to afford college. D:
    THIS IS SUCH A LATE REPLY AS ALWAYS!!!!!!! Do you have twitter or smth for easier contact lol? She's having like 5 concerts in London but I live quite far away T__T I'm gonna try and get tickets but I wish she was coming closer to me, she usually does.
    Better than tutoring overpriviledged kids I suppose! Good luck with that.

    Usually, yeah. It's over the course of ~ 3 years, so there's a lot of stuff to be done in the research part. Here we also have a bit of coursework, but muuuuch less than for Honours. Thank goodness. @_@
    No, I've got 2 1/2 years of school left. There's a big exam/mock exam every 6 months or so starting now though, because British Education. After the first week of December I'll be free as a bird until April, so I'll be able to contribute to the early days of 6th gen IGRMT at least.
    Even though it's stuff I love to learn, so much of the reading is just boooooring. DX

    Aha, I hope it was a positively brilliant year, and that you learned fine things~ And wow, Argentina? Is this vacation, or study abroad, or something? Certainly an exotic location (at least by my own suburban standard, hah).
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