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  • Unfortunately no. I'll have to try again.

    That's great! You should be able to spend much more time with them then.
    I was forwarded to a page talking about how it's a problem related to upgrading iTunes. The page said something about restoring my purchases; that obviously didn't work. I sent a couple more e-mails only to be sent back to the same page. Yeah that kind of sucked =\

    Speaking of which, Plants Vs Zombies 2 was released internationally today! It's a Free download so go for it!

    I've only got ~70 days until it's all over. A part of me just wants to get the exams over with while another part of me is feeling underprepared for said exams. It's causing so much stress that I get dizzy spells at least once a day for no real reason.

    Or I could fail and have to spend another year preparing but let's not be negative!

    Pfft. Marriage? What's that? x) No need to stress yourself about it; I'm thankful you're doing it at all.
    I've got pretty much everything I care about at this point so it's all good! I was this close to resorting to pirating, though. Having to pay for something that you by all means own really sucks.

    $52 well spent, more likely! You've already splruged on an iphone so may as well go full circle, right?

    The problem here is, there's so much to do that if i do get burnt out i still force myself to study because of the pressure of the workload.

    That sounds like a lot of freedom. I wish i had that, being an asian high schooler is the most stressful thing ;-;. Especially when your caretakers really want you to attend an a-class uni.

    If you did that i'd let you be my boyfriend. Or girlfriend, your pick <3
    I could... but I'd rather not. =p

    It is pretty fun! And yes, it is my first AC game (although I did see a bit of an older one before).
    I've got most of it back, although I'm now physically buying CDs. I don't trust iTunes anymore >:

    You're missing out then, there are tons off great apps on the app store for just a dollar. That's like, a single dollar!

    They're better than they were but still kind of messed up. Honestly the pressure of having to study is keeping me from studying >:. That's awesome! What's life like at uni?
    No plan so far, other than staying at home, get more shinies, and check the forum :p
    I got a 3DS for my brithday!!! It's really fun I love it, I can't wait for X&Y!

    And yeah the video is so good!! Have you seen the video for Red? I love tour videos but I was kinda hoping for a real video? It's still great though.
    Thanks. Well, good luck to you in trying for it!

    That's good. Hopefully it'll be a much more workable schedule.
    It was a good iPod. It had 13 Gigs of Music, half of which I can no longer access because iTunes doesn't believe me when I tell them I already bought music off the Store D:

    The sequel comes out next month so they may make it a free download to promote it? Or you could, you know, pay two dollars for hours of fun.

    So very tall. I couldn't reach half my books because I was too short. Needless to say it caused all the laughter.

    Honestly, pretty shitty because of reasons I'm not all that comfortable discussing in the open. Things are starting to get better, but the stress couldn't have come at a worse timing. I have college entry exams in a couple of months and my life pretty much collapsed in on itself. Uggghhhhhhh. So how 'bout you?
    Time machines are sadly expensive. =( You can see the problem there.

    Oh, I always worry. o_o But yes, I have. It's pretty fun, have to say! Maybe a bit too fun at times seeing I still have to do some project work during my semester break. =p Did you get it?
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