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  • Your birthday is only 11 days before mine, what a quincidence :3

    Alright. Bored is all. With Shine's permission, I'm going to be starting a CAT of some sort.
    I know :(((((( I'm so sad she's still not announced over here yet. Hope you manage to get tickets! Oh and BTW, happy birthday for tomorrow (??? i think thats right based on your time lol), just in case I don't log on.
    Sounds fair. I hope it does too.

    Pretty good! Just graduated and my parent's have given me their old car as a graduation gift. How are things with you?
    It's your thread, so you can do that if you want. It would certainly be a reasonable response after what happened.
    I think a lot of people do that. You should, but I know form experience it's easier said than done.

    Yep, it's more enjoyable than land transport at least. Driving across the water would be so efficient... No water cars yet though, lol.

    Well enough so far. Definitely working out my interests and strengths/weaknesses this year.
    Well, when uni wasn't on anyways. XD

    They have less... charm? than trams though. Never had to use one for my transport either.

    I can't say I have many commerce friends at all actually. I'll just recruit rich friends instead.

    Ah, I see. I'll agree that it doesn't sound very fun. Unless you did it Gruen Transfer style.
    Things are... meh. I'm basically tired all the time lately, mostly due to a semi-new job. Leaves me feeling rather lethargic.
    That is basically what I'm like actually. Always said I'd make notes but never really did... Lol, at least you have that excuse.

    Oh wow, that's actually worse than me then. Takes me about an hour, factoring in the ferry ride as well as the trip to and from the terminals. I'm looking at getting a car too, so it'll make travel a bit easier.

    Biomedical science, heading in the immunology direction.
    Yeah, the trip overall was not great for our wallets. =p But well, gotta enjoy yourself at some point!

    We have... light rail? They're just wannabe trams though.

    That is true. I know a fair number of people who do engineering... time for recruiting?

    What sort of stuff do you analyse then?
    I'm sure plenty of people do.

    Haha, the fun times of a first year, but I enjoy it a lot more than school. Then again, all I really do in lectures is arbitrarily highlight stuff... Do you at least live close to the campus?
    Things have been going pretty swell! Yeah I'm on spring break (and it is awesome if I may add XD). Just been watching lots of gaming videos and waiting on my new mouse.
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