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  • Agreed, they're very existence in XY is just to kill time. Yup, exactly. The new writers should know theyre not the old ones who made Rocketto Dan lovable idiots. Instead they're written as plain idiots.
    That's interesting to note. I'd say they certainly don't get defeated as fast, but as characters now, they're really boring. They feel like they're in episodes now to cut time.
    I've got a question for you, what do you think Rocket-Dan, or the trio of Mushasi, Kojiro, and Nyasu?
    She's older. This actually happened a couple of years ago, my parents don't ban me for stuff anymore, other than a couple of weeks ago my Xbox was taken for about 2 days :p
    My sister is quite annoying, it would kill me to apologise to her :p I still love her though.

    I had forgotten to save before him, but I had before Drake. It takes me so long to beat him though.
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