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Favourite Pokémon


Through The Sands We Go: A year after the events of pokemon Sun and Moon, Lillie had returned to Alola to reunite with Elio and begin a new adventure in the Orre region. As the reunion and adventures begin, a crime organization from twelve years ago has made a comeback.

Alola Sinnoh : Two months after the third shadow crisis, Lillie has prepared to take Elio on a trip to the Sinnoh region to partake in contests and a surprise trip! What will happen through out their adventure?

Of Stars and Boundaries: After receiving invitations to the Pokemon World Tournament on Unova, Elio and Lillie partake in another journey to a region new to them. Will they be able to handle the constant clashes of truth and ideals?

Alolan Rescue Team, Exploring the Mind: A week after returning from his adventures in Unova, Elio makes it his personal mission to free Mew from the last of its demons. However, a dark shadow takes hold of them both and now it's up to Lillie, Gladion and Hau to save them!