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  • I heard that my uncle's daughter's grandmother's son's sister-in-law's postman's lawyer's favourite football team's quarterback's dog's headlice's vet who removed them from the dog's fur's left shoe's manufacturer's husband had to kill his neighbour's garden's homeless residency's oldest member's favourite character in Pulp Fiction's dinner to get one of those. So I wish you good luck.

    Whoa what's going on here guys I just want this tea set cleaned up

    I'm the real English around here! I demand to know things

    oh silly, that's not my ear, that's my... wait. That's my ear. Stop
    I know, but you're sacrificing the automatic shaving cream dispenser for a perfect smiling paper-time auction committee. Those are hard to get elsewhere

    wait young man, it's fine I'll clean it up. Stop being mean to the new young man!

    middle English is... Skittle English?

    Don't do it. Get the 12.1 Doggy version

    *drops tea tray*

    You're too English for me. Old English is NOT Gold English

    Ring the bell obviously :)
    no no, use dad to mom mom.

    I don't get it help

    That isn't legal in some states. Check your rights or pay the price

    Yes that one. Meet me there at midnight. Or at 7pm but don't come too late otherwise I'll miss the late night shows
    I believe your former statement holds more truth. A friend is, by definition, a comrade in the great journey of life. One that will help another through a challenging period, or support them through every choice they make. A true, true friend helps a friend in need; a friend will be there to help them see. A true, true friend helps a friend in need to see the light that shines from a true, true friend. There is no bond short of true love stronger than a friendship.

    Keeping this definition in mind, read your previous posts. Would you try? Just give it a chance. You might find that you'll start to understand.
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