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  • *releases air*

    My old one's 3D slider is malfunctioning, I think my 3DS Circle Pad is breaking, and one of the buttons is cracked. Oh, and its blue. And the SNES buttons look really neat
    and my Mom is phone..!

    Make vapor more terrible puns, courtesy of Zibzzo corporations!


    the one with that special noise that touches your heart silly
    you can tell me, I won't phone the Police

    I agree, that was awful. Do you remember when the steam steamed up the steamy steam's steam? Sure was steamingly steamful

    Hey I told you that I only like you as a friend I'm sorry

    the one that makes the lowest pitched DWONG when it tolls
    now look what you did, whose dictionary is that anyway?

    Good because we're having steamed carrots and guacamole today

    new friend?

    the biggest one
    I feel like I should get this reference!
    OOOOOOh haha no I'm moving across the country. Not for a girl which makes sense considering I'm gay and all xD
    Yes, that is my point exactly. In our previous discourse, finding an adequate response to your seemingly random topics was proving difficult. As such, I decided on a minimalist approach that satisfied all criteria, and the result was the post in question. If you plan to criticize me for being overly relevant then I would ask you to, when sending a visitor message, consider how easily a reply could be composed from the other party's perspective, without breaching these unspoken rules of relevancy.
    Don't do that with the pages it'll tear off

    I'm sorry. I'll make dinner for the next 7 weeks to make up for your troubles


    I do like a good challenge. Midnight duel at the top of the bell tower, be there on the dot
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