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Last Activity:
Mar 29, 2012
Mar 24, 2011
Likes Received:
Ontario, Canada

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New Member, from Ontario, Canada

Ziii was last seen:
Mar 29, 2012
    1. Zoroark1998
      Hey. I was wondering if you could RNG for my shop?
    2. Bunches
      Hey, I haven't talked to you in a while so I thought I'd pop in and say hey. I just got a dragon the other day. I love him so much.
    3. ShinyOne.
      Hey saw you were after a Shaymin :)

      Japanese Feelings of Gratitude Shaymin Giveaway
    4. Scorch5688
      Haha. Sounds interesting. I'm not going to be too excited about the biology component of it though.
      Yup, with parents and grandparents. We do it every year. Even though I'm in Canada, I'm obligated to go home if my schedule allows for it. :p
    5. Scorch5688
      Meh. It was kinda terrible. I'm pretty sure that engineering isn't for me. I'm thinking of going into psychology or something.
      How about you? Got any special plans for Christmas?
    6. Scorch5688
      Well finals are over, but I've been better though. I am excited to go back home. Flying out in a couple of days. :)
    7. Scorch5688
      Hey dude, haven't heard from you in a while. How's it going?
    8. EmiiLava
      Ready 2 trade now? What fc should i use?
    9. EmiiLava
      r u ready 2 trade yet?
    10. Not_A_Cyberbully
      I live in B.C. Canada. Nice to know that there are others in Canada.
    11. ConeOfSHAME
      Hey Ziii,

      Are you srsly a hamilton boy? I'm a wellingtonian! GO Richie McCaw :D
    12. TVGuru
      Did you finish rnging those pokemon?
    13. Bunches
      Pretty good. Thanks for asking
    14. Bunches
      Hey Zii. I haven't talked to you in a while. How are you?
    15. ~Kurou
      Hey zii I heard ur from hamilton! well so am I I live in the waterdown/flamborough area
    16. ~Sam~
      hey ziii i know you wanted to give me a gift to help my shop a while back but there is no need now due to how much bigger my shop has gotten.
    17. ~Kurou
      Can u RNG on 4 gen??
    18. fusionzekrom
      Can we trade tonight 9.45pm gmt+8? Meaning 9.45am gmt-4
    19. roloox
      Hi there! are you still looking for a skarmory? If so, please tell me more about the pokes you were offering at the skarmory trade, thread 5th gen
    20. evan0913
      sure, I'll contact you when I can trade :D
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    Ontario, Canada
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I'm interesting? Promise.


    BC: 1463 5619 6039

    Visit my shop for my current stock - PM me if interested in something not there and I will see what I have/can get.

    Click the picture to enter my shop!

    I have recruited Shatu(Shatu's Pokemon Adoptions) to my anti-pokemon clan club! Wait... does that mean we have a clan?