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Recent content by zimzimzims

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    Dark Valley Request Shop!!

    why doesnt anyone request from me anymore? i think i've been forgotten.
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    Roseys Workshop

    hybrid between sandshrew and umbreon.
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    Dark Valley Request Shop!!

    im sorry it looks bad,if you want me to change something just ask.
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    ://The Espeon Workshop\\:

    can you change the file type so i can put it in tcs?
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    ://The Espeon Workshop\\:

    Trainer's + Overworlds: Descibe Trainer's apearence:mid teen with black hoodie and black jeans. ice blue eyes and ice blue tips on his hair Gender:male Would you like Overworlds?:yes please my fave type is ice.
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    Dark Valley Request Shop!!

    if it doesnt look right to you just ask me to re-try to do it. ill edit this post when im done with everything else
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    The Eeveelutions Workshop v3.

    .::Trainer Cards::. can i have the lv.x glaceon one? Trainer + http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff40/zimzimzims/bit.jpg this one please Pokémon Beside Trainer (One only plz)+shinx Pokémon 1+shiny glaceon Pokémon 2+shiny charizard Pokémon 3+dunsparce Pokémon 4+jolteon Pokémon 5+lanturn...
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    Dark Valley Request Shop!!

    i can do team poses now
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    Dark Valley Request Shop!!

    yes i can.
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    Dark Valley Request Shop!!

    i cant wbg i use ms paint to sprite.
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    Dark Valley Request Shop!!

    its not very good im not to good at fusing 3 pokemon.
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    WSC Week 82

    my first wsc entrie
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    Poke Art Shop!~

    Pokemon:shinx Background:transparent Pose(Optional):sitting with his mouth open like he is roaring Description:^^^ Ect.
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    ♥♦♣♠ Purple's Shop of Banners...and stuff ♠♣♦♥

    i tried my best and i think it looks good-ish