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Mar 19, 2016
Aug 31, 2008
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Mar 2, 1993 (Age: 27)

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My Bloody, 27

Zincspider was last seen:
Mar 19, 2016
    1. Ysavvryl
      Okay; I haven't been able to check on the game for a while now. I should check in there soon.
    2. GoldenHouou
      I need to see to believe. Unfortunately I don't have the link when I'm at school. But soon.

      She wishes.
    3. GoldenHouou
      You posted?

      ... You do know it's not April Fool's anymore, yeah?

      Alright, in honor of that, when I get a speck of freetime, I'm finishing my brother complex filled post and throwing it in the pile. And starting DR - BOSS version. The best version.
    4. Ysavvryl
      okay! I've been rather sick lately, which is part of why I haven't got back into RPs. But I'll back over there.
    5. Niihyl
      So I just finished Chapter One of Danganronpa... Holy ****. I didn't even like the victim(s) and it was brutal.

      I can only imagine it would be worse if anyone I actually liked died.

      The trials are silly fun though. Like a more actiony Phoenix Wright. Truth bullets? Hangman? Rhythm based debate? Who comes up with this stuff.
    6. GoldenHouou
      Happy birthday mang
    7. GoldenHouou
      Doneth it is.
    8. GoldenHouou
      No, those were always there. I'm talking about the studs and babes I brought in after you left. I'm relocating them in my own room now. Keep out.

      It was that way for me with PS3 too, to be fair. But eh, yeah, apart from the stuff I saw in Japan, can't think of any Vita titles I'd be interested in either. My friend's playing some interesting stuff on his though. I could ask names if you want recommendations or ****?

      What's wrong with fan translations? They're often just as accurate as the official ones, they just tend to be more literal and lack the "jokes" localization brings. But ye, getting them is the hard part.
    9. GoldenHouou
      Oh. Right. Then I guess I need to give you your room back. Lemme just kick out all the... current occupants, first.

      It's already been two years? Huh. Time flies and all that jazz.

      Everything's a pissing contest.

      Well, worst case scenario, you can play all the cool Japanese **** in Japanese. If it's a JRPG, you can probably guess half the lines anyway. And if the battles and visuals are awesome, who cares about plot. Also, fan translations. Sometimes.

      And now sleep. It's 3:22 AM and I don't think my essays are progressing anymore.
    10. GoldenHouou
      No, I gave them back to you earlier, remember? I got to keep the house in exchange.

      More bullets sounds more like... a hindrance than a skill, really. More **** to skim through before you find the one you want to use.

      Well, the console hasn't been out for that long, so maybe we'll get some translations and localizations of a few of 'em eventually. And hey, hey, NA's still got it better than Europe, or at least it used to. Guess who never got the original Tales of Abyss, huh?
    11. GoldenHouou
      Eh. Mine's better.

      At least you get to interact with him before getting the skill. That's something, yeah?

      Oh man, it has so much more than just those - it's just that they aren't translated, for the most part. You should have seen the game shelves in Japan. It was like walking right into paradise and realizing they were having a tea party - and you weren't invited. Still though. If I had had a Vita and some more money, I would've bought half the **** I saw.
    12. GoldenHouou
      I want his shirt. And hair. And goatee.

      ... Oh.

      That will probably take a while. Meanwhile I'm just happy the PSP isn't region locked so I can enjoy mine. What other games do you have for the Vita? P4:Golden, Danganronpa, and...?

      Aw. Cheapskate.
    13. GoldenHouou

      I did most of his free time stuff in the beginning of the normal game and yeah, he's kind of a dick. But then, I'm kind of a dick too. I guess dicks just go together. Still like 'im. I also think I got pretty far with Mondo... what's his last skill?

      Also, DR 3. Because it will be a thing. Right after they finish the weird spin-off they made and all.

      Fiiine. But seems like a waste to own a game you won't ever finish. Ship it to me, I can give it to my gf. She never got her game when ordering it.
    14. GoldenHouou
      Of course you won't. You'll be dead inside after.

      Even better.

      Ah, damn. Still though, the characters are fun, and unless VLR spoiled everything about it, there should still be surprises, character-wise.
    15. GoldenHouou
      You'll come to me in a few days telling me you watched it anyway and that you are now a hollow human being void of purpose. Mark my words.

      Trippy usually equals awesome. Unless it's SEL.

      If you have it, that's 140% more reason to play it.
    16. GoldenHouou
      But you're human. You're curious. You want to know how much more you can be hurt before you completely shatter. Also, Ishimaru. Just seeing his reaction animated is worth it. You will feel like you're watching yourself - you're both as powerless to stop the execution, yet as desperate to try.

      I've heard that VLR is a lot better than 999 anyway, and considering the ending of 999... I believe it. It was still an awesome game though, and I loved most of the non-true endings. You should totally get into it anyway. You'll get used to the color scheme and style, trust me. It felt a bit weird to me after just having come out of Danganronpa, but I got used to it real fast too.
    17. GoldenHouou
      Not sure, but you aren't going to skip it anyway.
      Admit it.
      Your heart wants more pain.

      Oh. The hell'd you play a sequel before the first game? But yeah, I'm still in one of the first rooms in that one, so don't spoil me. And yeah, the first similarity I noticed was Monokuma and Zero III. I swear, those dudes need to go out on a coffee sometime. It'd be glorious.
    18. GoldenHouou
      At least you admit it.

      It's... kinda alright. They had way too few episodes to put everything in, so they jump over a lot of stuff and most of it just focuses on class trials. The investigations usually conclude in two minutes or so, if that. But it's still kinda nice seeing the cast fully moving and talking, so it's still worth a watch.

      Fair enough.

      Yeah, thought so. Only in the remake. Damn. Redoing class trials doesn't sound too... fun though. Eh. G'luck. Also, I forget... you'd played 999, but had you played the sequel?

    19. GoldenHouou
      Probably not. But that's why you play in the first place. You masochist.

      Yeah, can't forget the dragging. The only one who didn't just conveniently teleport into the execution site when needed. Oh, by the way, have you watched the anime?

      You have boring tastes.

      I'm actually not even sure if they had that in the original version now. You're playing the Reload one on Vita, right? I only recall reading about that being a thing in the sequel. Hm. Anyway, can't help you there. Just google your ass off.

    20. GoldenHouou
      It probably will, it'll just take some time. You'll get to be battered again.

      For me, it was probably the first one with the baseballs. Just because it was the first one. And the music fit it perfectly, and it was just so... ironic. The guy with the perfect aim, who didn't even want to do baseball in the first place, getting battered with a million of them. And then the silence that followed. Awesome.

      The whole thing was just so... rushed with her. I knew she was manipulating me the whole time, yet the game kept being like NO GO WITH HER. TALK WITH HER. LIKE HER. And yeah, of course, killing off unknown people wouldn't have any impact. That's why, when my version of the game rolls around... well.

      The fat guy didn't piss me off either; he was amusing, just not enough for me to really care. Haga was amusing too, but never really did much - he just wasn't memorable, which is why at the end I was pretty much "huh? Oh. You're still here too. Cool." Haven't seen his final free time, huh. Need to check it out.

      Yeah, I should do the same, except - I left my save file on my other computer. Baw.

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    Mar 2, 1993 (Age: 27)
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