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  • Nothing much.

    While you were gone, I came back, almost quit RPing because I leave here too much. But instead didn't and continued because I love writing too much. So hooray!

    I want to sign up for the Damned Unit, but those big Mod created RPs, as awesome as they are, really sort of intimidate me.
    you missed a little bit, but we're still on the first day. Its turning out to be a bit longer than I thought. Anyway, you should be able to get back in without too much trouble.

    The Shadows have started to show up and people have started to awaken their Personae but the initial battles are still winding down.
    Sounds good, as long as he keeps the spanish accent. It just makes it sound really cool when he yells "BURN! BURN! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!"
    Well, is there really a better way to portray the Pyro than as a hotheaded psychopath with a spanish accent who just burns anything that threatens him? (even if he does always wear a mask)
    Bly me! Well, all Oi can say to that is...you'd bettah look out, mate. Oi've been known to leave foights in a bloody mess...w'thout a bloomin' scratch. Crikey, this's gonna be fun!
    *pulls out a homemade flamethrower*

    "Ygghm. Mgh mmm Hgm." (Translated as "yes, I'd love to")

    Just one question. If he ever does take off his mask, can he speak in a spanish accent like this guy?
    It's more of having Co-Owners, really.
    I need two people to play one of these two characters:
    Sniper and Pyro

    I'm keeping the personalities of the characters as close to the official Valve characters as possible, and Pyro won't be able to speak. I need someone skilled to be able to get messages across thorugh signals and hand motions. And Sniper will be the head of RED team. I will be playing as the Head of BLU (Spy). The two heads will have to work together ti find what is the best course of action.

    I know HotShot is interested in being Sniper, so right now the question is:

    Will you be willing to play as the crazy son-of-a-Vulpix known as Pyro?
    Well, let's see if you meet my RPG Awesome Requirements...
    A) A good friend is co-running it. Check.
    B) A RPer whose latest work has been very interesting is also co-running it. Check.
    C) A chance to carry a really big weapon, throw explosives, or simply say "Sentry's going up!" Check.

    Sounds like fun. So, how is this gonna work exactly? It's not like Team Fortress 2 has a deep story or huge cast.
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