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  • Are you tired of Playing your DS in the car and having to worry about that pesky DRIVING?

    Well no more with JUPITER JACK: DSi!

    This HANDS FREE DSi attachments plays based on your thoughts, so YOU can concentrate on driving! Want to attack that Lv.7 Orc JUST THINK IT AND BAM! ITs Dead! Listen to these testomonials!

    "Jupiter Jack DSi is great! I can now play the DSi while driving from New York to California at the same time! all I have to do is think it, and it does it!"

    "Jupiter Jack DSi changed the way I drive, now I don't have to think about kids crossing the street, or stopping at a red light. I can keep my full attention on Kirby, and Still drive!"

    "Jupiter Jack DSi sucks, I thought of Naked Women and didn-" SEE WHAT WE MEAN!

    Not at all! I've actually tried one before, but some of our members lost interest and became inactive...but I think you should go for it! Care to run your ideas for it by me via PM?
    Once upon a time, a young Krug started a new game in Digimon World. Choosing Agumon, he trained him rigorously at the gym, and never made a single care mistake with him. Together, Krug and Agumon ripped through the evil Agumon, and blasted away Kunemon. Then right after beating Kunemon, on day 4, Agumon Digivolved...INTO A MIGHTY TYRANNOMON! Krug felt unstoppable, and it seemed so, together they blasted their way through the Jungle across digimon bridge, carved their way through the desert, sliced their way through a haunted house. Tyrannomon may not have ever digivolved, but that didn't matter, they were the greatest team the world had ever known.

    Then one fateful day, Krug decided to Challenge Pixiemon, it must have been a gruesome battle for those looking onward at it. Magic and Fine flew everywhere, but, in the end, Pixiemon's speed and higher level, got the best of Tyrannomon, although just barely.

    Tyrannomon lost one heart, and soon after that...died. Krug literally wept at the death of his old friend. A proper funeral service was held, with Krug going into his house's back yard, and burying a blank CD with "Tyrannomon" written on it in his honor.
    Ever since I've always had a soft spot for Tyrannomon, and all of its subspecies, but I will always like regular Tyrannomon the best out of all of them.
    Hey. Just to let you know, I posted; it's just is at the bottom of pg two and Platypus posted about 5 minutes after me. -.-' Just wondrin if you saw it
    I'm reading the private messages right now, but it may be tomorrow morning (my time; so that may mean in just ten or so hours for you) before I can respond. I'm kinda tired...so, yeah. I'll finish reading tonight, and I'll reply tomorrow. Sound okay with you?

    Yet at the same time I must take it, there are too many trees around here that must...be...CHOPPED.
    I think I might have Paul Bunyan's Disease.

    Mostly because I'm typing this as a Giant Lumberjack.
    He has the powers of: Regeneration, and Psychic Abilities yes, plus, he sweats more because Starmie is part water.
    I would think that would be really cool though. If I were him I'd become a superhero:

    STARMIE MAN or maybe just STARMAN!
    Ok, been a bogged down lately, but now I can finally reply.

    Yeah! It's great! I'm very excited to see how Randy will act to a side of Pokemon he never knew (Training them).
    Yeah, it's Bartleby for certain now, although I still have to change references to him past the trip the future. I posted the prologue of Loopholes, if you want to check it out.
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