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Last Activity:
Jun 25, 2020
Feb 14, 2012
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Beginner Collector, Male, from Brazil

ZiR was last seen:
Jun 25, 2020
    1. Earendil
      Hey, it looks like your inbox is full. :)
    2. leondavid101
      Are you still Intrested in genesect codes for trade I have one spare
    3. Road
      Hey there! Sorry, forgot to say my FC is in my profile! My IGN name is Road, same as my user~
    4. sizida
      Yup! I am done trading~

      I shall be inactive in the forum once more. Bye ZiR!
    5. sizida
      Ok. I shall go online for my old 3DS.

      I never have 100 friends lol. Besides, even if I have a hundred, it will be useless when I switch to another system haha.
    6. sizida
      New PMD is interesting to me!

      That is good, I am sure your hack check knowledge is better than me haha.

      Yeah, I can see that the forum is kind of dead, so no point having a trade shop. Oh yeah, why I didn't see you online in my game lol.
    7. sizida
      Hiya ZiR! Long time no see!

      Wow, I don't believe you are still helping out with the hack checking thread. Are you very active in this forum?
    8. DaMoonWolf
      Hii, your inbox is full lol :p but my reply to your message is: yeah, that'd be great!
    9. SmeargleRocks
      Not entirely sure, Aura Mew, MYSTRY us and other mew, pokemon ranch mew, h
      Japanese old sea chart wild emerald mew, PAL city mew, korean movie mew, think there was a 7/11 mew but I may be thinking of a magmar event or something but theres plenty more events than just japanese event emerald mew, I'd know, it's my favorite mew :3
    10. justPeachy
      What! From scratch? Mad skillz, lol. Wish I knew how. I love those sprites and 8 bit things.
    11. justPeachy
      How do you make those sprites on your DA?! So cool.
    12. FairyWitch
      okay ill be on and off today so just look for the green light and ill do the same
    13. FairyWitch
      I have that wailmer if you still want it sorry forgot about my giveaway thread >.<
    14. pokemonmaster333
      oh geez why did they do that? Will it come back? i have been away from ds gaming for awhile...Well thanks for letting me know i really appreciate it.
    15. Pokeman Man
      Pokeman Man
      I know I should be careful for them, but thanks for the warning.
    16. Acherhar
      Thank you very much, it helped indeed!
    17. Monk3yBu11
      How did you get into pokemon?
    18. flyer1228
      I don't think I like pokemon as much as you. For me, playing through Sinnoh (Diamond or Pearl) once is enough for me. Going through White and White 2 is a bore because I borrowed White from a friend and played through the game up to Elite4 and then gave it back. Now it's just boring to go through the storyline. It's true. A lot of Pokemon Fans went out and bought a 3DS and Pokemon X or Y just because of the necessity of the new game. I would be one of those people because I still have a Nintendo DS Lite, that doesn't support 3DS... Of course I don't think i'll buy one any time soon, but the manufactures really know how to aim at customers. Also, PMd.
    19. flyer1228
      I felt like 5th generation didn't even last long. What was it? Two years? If you could send over some WC, that would be awesome. I could "farm" you some events if you'd like. ^.^ I think the worst part about a new generation is that the earlier generations are pushed further back in the mind of the players.
    20. flyer1228
      I didn't. I didn't until very recently get White and White2. What do you mean by "research for traders"? Did you get the recent events? At the moment, I want to focus more on the games.
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