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  • what time are you usually free for trading? I mite be able to trade at a coffee shop or so. PM me when u have the time
    No problem! For me is very important to tell the people what exacly I'm offering, you know, to avoid future misunderstoods. If you are interested I have some Cyndaquils and Growlithes with some flawless IVs. If you have a Pokemon with some flawless IVs obtained by breeding, I'm pretty sure we can trade it. Don't worry, I just clone Pokemons of Events or Shinies, because they are extremaly rare and I suck at chaining with Poke Radar.
    Sorry for the delay sir. If you're into selling clones, then i'd rather avoid it. I do have some dual flawless pokes which are also EV trained, but i'm not giving 'em away for cloned pokes. Appreciate your honesty anyways :)
    Sorry my late answer. I'm a bit busy so I couldn't answer before... Anyway. as I said, I'm actually offering a clone (a copy) of my shinies Pokemon, and this weekend, I will try get a copy of a shiny Psyduck of my friend, (which by the way, it was mine before, but I erased my last game and sent to him before lose forever this Pokemon). =P
    Ok, back to the subject, if you still have interest in a trade even being a clone, we can discuss about a good IV Pokemon for a trade, or you can send me a clone of a shiny Pokemon that I will accept for sure.

    If you have interest or not, please let me know.

    Thanks again for your attention and have a nice day. =)
    Actually I've thought of paying you by predordered eggmoves pokes with suitable natures, abilities if possible, and 1 maxed IV for your choice. I'd rather keep my shinies to myself for i'm aiming to widen it rather remaining with the same number of shinies "^^
    Hmmm, all my shiny pokemons are legit, I can say that because I got them by myself, except a lv:1 Manaphy which I got it by GTS, but I assume this one like as a legit, since it's not a flawless pokemon, but it has a good stats. Well, since I spent hours to get them and I don't use facilities like RNG, just lucky or chaining in Poke-Radar, I plan to trade a clone (or copy) of it.
    If you still have interest in trade. I have these ones:
    Gyarados (lvl:30) from Heart Gold (Lake of Rage)
    Togekiss (lvl:72) from Platinum (Cynthia's)
    Combee (male) (lvl:1) Breeding
    Shinx (female) (lvl:5) Route 203
    Bonsly (female) (lvl:22) Trophy Garden
    Manaphy (lvl:1) Pokemon Ranger

    I'm looking for some events Pokemons which I can unlock some areas in Pokemon Heart Gold like WIN2011 Celebi; Pichu SPR2010; TRU Arceus, if you have any of these that would be nice... I really don't care if they are cloned but they need to be legits. If you don't have any of these pokemons... do you have any legit shiny? They can be a cloned aswell. If you don't have any, so I'm looking for one legit Ditto with flawless IV in: HP, Def and SPDef. If you don't but you have a good offer, we can discuss about that too.

    Thank you for your attention and have a nice day. =)
    Hello sir, how are you? Have you got any LEGIT UNCLONED shinies for trade? I'm interested in ones if you do. If yes, what are you looking for in return?
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