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  • Nevermind we'll try tomorrow. It wont even let me on anymore. Ill have em ready for you and Ill be available all day tomorrow. Look for the other poke if you could. Sorry :/ Thanks Zir
    Nah. I bred and the movesets I choose is not everyone will understand so yeah I prefer to breed myself and train for most of them, unless I aren't picky of a move for it. Besides I only make sure it has at most 2 31IVs, though majority only have 1 31IV. Majority of my Pokemon are so normal that no one really cares anymore! At most 140IVs per Pokemon I own, 2 one digit IV for most of my Pokemon. Seriously.

    Thus this is how I battle~ And stay true to the game~

    Awesome! My shiny Kyurem is 11, 11, 28, 22, 20, 14! I like 2 11s hehe. But that isn't my best shiny!
    Lol I battled a RNG abuser here (I am not stating his name) and I lost like a flood over me XD

    But I am used to losing. Have you seen my losing streak under my sig?

    The only person I battled like me training and breeding normally is my friend haha. Sad to say not many people stay true to the game anymore.
    Yeah I see tons of stupid Jirachis and other stupid underleveled shiny leges. XD

    I think if you want to trade Phione, just send its Pokecheck data to the person first. And yes ask their point of view of the Pokemon will do too.
    I don't have Harley's Phione though. There is? *Check*

    Oh. Hmm yes now you know how sucks their hack checking is. Can't do anything about this since the game or GTS cannot be updated.
    He says as long the companies are making profit, they don't mind hackers buy the game just for hacking. Yeah I know companies just want to make money and creating hack checking is just too tedious as new hacking will just keep coming.
    Haha. I can only focus on one game..

    Hmm interesting. I may have to play 3rd gen to get Qwilfish learning Sword Dance.
    It is one of the your own shopping center shops only in w2 or b2.

    Sometimes I got Master Ball from there woot! Most of the time is Max Revive, PP Max and Max Ether.
    Lol there is a lottery in 5th gen but you will always get item from this haha!

    Stare at the shinies! Bling bling!
    You have 2 Platinum games or you restarted it? I am impressed! Thank you for the trade!

    Haha I got eggs that surprise you though! They can help you for National Dex!
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