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  • Ah, I completed mine some time ago, although I don't have a living Pokédex. I have thought about making a living Pokédex out of competitively trained Pokémon though.
    Sorry to hear about that. Yeah, sometimes medications can have bad side effects. I've never gotten hives before. For the most part I always stay very healthy I rarely ever get sick. The worse I'll get is maybe a cold and that's about it. I really hope I didn't just jinx myself! Sometimes when people say they never get sick they end up getting sick...Sometimes I get random headaches that are really annoying. Alright sure thing! I'm going to go eat some dinner then I'll get on! EDIT: I ended up going to bed last night at a pretty good time so maybe we can trade when I get home from work later (again.)

    Lol that trailer was hilarious! I'll definitely have to watch that when it comes out June 19th! I can't wait for a lot of movies next year! I'm also super stoked for the new Avengers movie that comes out in May.

    I seem to chain better in smaller patches of grass for some reason. Keep at it! You'll get a shiny before you know it. I thought about mm'ing for a Treecko for Omega Ruby but idk. I always have crap luck with mm'ing. For some reason my hunts always go over 500-1000 eggs it's dumb. Go for it that would be cool! :D A shiny charm would definitely help you out. I wouldn't mind doing that myself. My Pokedex isn't even close to complete lol.

    Same here I'm pumped! I wish I had Fridays off, because I would seriously stay at home all day and play it! I'm even thinking about getting the strategy guide just for collecting purposes! By the way I started watching the Pokemon X&Y episodes last week! I've really enjoyed the X&Y series so far!
    Oh my gosh be careful!! That sounds very worrisome; I hope you can recover soon. For me, I've just been distracted lately. I can't seem to focus in school, especially through my midterms and playing showdown. Other than that I've been hanging out pretty much a lot. I have this 45 day challenge where I have a very strict diet and have to post almost everyday as well as working out extremely and honestly it is a very bittersweet feeling...mostly because I can't eat junk food :'(. Right now I'm just going through a rough November, but I'm surviving it. No big deal.
    Hey! It's alright! Oh no D: Sorry to hear about that I hope you get better! I remember you saying you were having dizzy spells, and you've been gone for quite some time. I was hoping nothing bad happened to you. You'll get better! Make sure to keep getting rest :) Congrats on the shinies that's good news! Oh most definitely I still have your Skrelp! Maybe tonight after I get home from work we can trade if you're available.

    I don't think I've ever heard of Inside Out surprisingly. I'll have to check out the trailer! I haven't seen Big Hero 6 yet! I really have to watch that eventually! I really need to catch up on movies.

    I've been having terrible luck with radar chaining still....I definitely know what ya mean the struggle is real! I tried chaining Pikachu, but it's too darn hard! I still have a lot of leepa berries so I have that going for me at least lol. The friend safarii is just ridiculous sometimes! I've spent so much countless hours in them, and I can never find a shiny....besides my Electabuzz.

    And yes shiny Clamperl looks pretty awesome! :D I was very happy about that catch! I also preordered Omega Ruby yesterday! I can't wait for Friday to get here! :D
    Well that's good to hear I hope you get well soon. Man it's a saturday night with nothing to do for once haha I'm just on showdown almost all day.
    No prob! Thanks!

    I found the episodes online. I'm going to start watching them. Yeah, I thought it was just an odd mix. I hear that a lot of people want Ash and Serena shipped. I'm sure once I start watching the new episodes everything will start to make sense.

    I can't wait for Finding Dory! I absolutely enjoyed Finding Nemo. I love Pixar movies. There's quite a lot of sushi places in the Detroit area, but i'm not sure about the area where I live. I'll have to do some searching on google now, i'm curious.

    That's good! Glad to hear you're doing better! :) What are you shiny hunting? I think I may start up another hunt as well. I might head back to Frost Cavern. If I could find a shiny before work that would be epic.....I hear ya there! I still have to beat my demo lol.
    I'll see what I can do! I still have to look for my folder lol. It's loaded with so much art work. I still have art work in the showcase at school. I've been out of high school since 2010. It's crazy to think about lol. Same here! I love seeing other artists work. Sure! My channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/Nintendo82Fan

    I have to start uploading videos again. I was going to upload a video of my shiny Corpish that I caught, but I didn't think about it at the time. Brock is the man! I'm tempted to check out the new X&Y episodes. I think I may look for them online. I've been watching a lot of the older episodes on Netflix, I love reliving my childhood lol. I think i'll check out the new episodes. I think i'll like Ashs companions in these newer episodes. I liked May and Max from the Hoenn region, but I really didn't care about the newer companions Ash had in the Unova region.

    Indeed I heard! It will be interesting, because like you said Toy Story 3 wrapped up the story so nicely. That's cool! I've never had sushi before (call me crazy) lol. Eventually I will eat sushi and I can't wait!

    It's alright! I hope you're feeling better! Smile :) I've been doing good! I'm been dealing with work, and spending all of my free time shiny hunting and working out when I can. I plan on starting a team for Pokemon Omega Ruby here soon. Release day will be here before we know it!
    Yeah sometimes that extra ev will help out take a hit or 2 but only if I really need it on a pokemon. Oo dizzy spells does not sound good at all...You might be overworking yourself so maybe a little rest will help you out.
    When it comes to EV training for me I like to find a good balance on certain stats. Like I just can't max out 2 stats on every pokemon some needs like a certain good spread to an extra stat. I made an unorthodox team on showdown just yesterday and for some reason the combination works. I might keep it especially the bulky gengar; it's super interesting that I created that because it gets everyone off guard especially when it uses taunt and will-o-wisp, it becomes an annoying threat to them.
    Cool to know you're a history buff as well lol. I like reading up on theories, and I find it so fascinating how the world works. It's cool learning how other cultures work. That's cool! I have a giant art folder with all of my art projects from high school. Perhaps I can take some pictures of them sometime and upload them! I do let's play videos on YouTube, it's where you play video games and provide commentary in the background. My first project was Pokemon Silver and I ended up beating that. I've also uploaded quite a bit of shiny videos. It can be fun uploading YouTube videos!

    Brock leaving was part of the reason I stopped watching the Pokemon shows, but i'm thinking about checking the new ones out soon. I miss Brock so much lol. I agree Elesa is awesome and Morty is definitely my favorite gym leader from gen 2. Ghost pokemon are awesome! Gengar is my favorite ghost pokemon of all time!

    I know right haha. Almost everyone I know loves Toy Story. The ending even choked me up a little bit. I love sea food! My favorite type of food is italian i'm a pizza fanatic lol. If I ever take a trip to Chicago for some reason I know where i'll be going to eat lol.
    Haha yeah anytime I'm always willing to help on battling since it's really fun seeing newcomers excel! I on the other hand had to learn the super hard way. Here's a long, tedious backstory for you lol.

    When my friend asked me to help him assemble a good pokemon team in XY that he can beat people with and I had no clue how to even make a legitimate team. So it took me months to research everything about IVs, EVs and natures and that was just the 1/8 of what I had to do. I looked up videos on how to make flawless pokemon in XY and it made it seem easy because people had FS that had dittos on it. Me, I was looking at the pokemon village trying my luck for 1-2 perfect IV dittos which took me another 3-4 months to complete it and by then I had a jist of what Pokemon he'd like and use as his first team. So it took me another 2 months to get near flawless IV'd pokemon since I had to use 1-2 IV'd dittos and after that he was undefeated with his team haha. I made it pretty much a setup/sweeper team which is pretty common because I looked at so many battling videos and that's what got me hooked on competitive play. His team was consisted of Fortress with quick claw, Charizard Y, Togekiss with left overs, assault vested garchomp, life orb lilligant, and air balloon aegislash.

    Honestly any team would be good if you know how to use them. When it comes to your first team it's always going to be a rough start considering some people are either experienced or super trolls. Your first team is pretty much a base to create a perfect team around it. Or you can also keep that team and just master every single pokemon so you know when to draw in holes to your opponents team.
    I'm a real big fan of history as well. That was one of my favorite classes in school, and it's something I would definitely consider majoring in if I wasn't so passionate about art. History bored a lot of people in my school but I enjoyed it lol. Everyone would fall asleep during the documentaries, but not this guy > That's cool we pretty much work with the same mediums cool cool. Yeah i'm improving! One of my first projects on Photoshop was creating a Youtube banner for my Youtube channel (I was doing let's plays at the time but I took a break from them) lol.

    Corsola is awesome! I'm a huge fan of the Geodude family. I really like Brock from the anime lol. He was definitely my favorite character on the show, and he's my favorite gym leader. Which leads me to ask you. Who is your favorite gym leader?

    I know right! I also like Tom Hanks role as the voice of Woody in the Toy Story movies. I remember when my my mom, brothers and I were watching Toy Story 3 when it first came out and my mom was in tears at the end...It was a pretty sad ending honestly. There's a restaurant called that?! Epic! I've never heard of that restaurant before. I did a search on google and the nearest one is in Chicago Illinois lol. There's none in Michigan unfortunately.
    Thanks for backing my decision up! I work with traditional mediums paints, colored pencil, etc. I'm been trying to improve my Photoshop skills. I'm getting better! In High School I took a class my senior year called comic book art. I'm pretty good at making comic book sketches. You're alright that's not a dumb question lol. It pretty much functions the same! That's cool you're gonna get it! I believe if you get the game you also get another Pokemon ORAS demo code. I already have the demo, but I might just give the code to one of my friends that don't have the demo lol.

    Thanks i'm trying! Cool, cool good luck! I know when it comes to Rock Pokemon i'm a huge fan of Golem! Who's your favorite Rock Pokemon?

    I love that name lol. "We got fried shrimp, bubble gum shrimp" I love that movie haha. Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors of all time for sure!
    That's awesome! I absolutely love drawing as well! I still have a desire to go back to school, and if I do I want to study in the art field. I still remember how to play the TCG card game it's pretty fun! The Pokemon trading card game that was on Gameboy Color is coming to 3DS virtual console! It will be released on November 13th in America! I'll definitely be getting it.

    I didn't end up finding a shiny before work, but it's alright. I just have to keep on trying.

    Oh nice! Congrats on the shiny Clauncher that's awesome! Nice catch!
    Ferrothorn is a really good one despite the fact it's popular people tend to confuse whether it's a rocky helmet or leftovers. Considering the pokemon you have it's a good idea to add in anything that'll tend to counter their weaknesses. Like for Mismagius you can add in a bulky dark type like tyranitar to counter ghost types and it can attack fire and flying pokemon no problem. It can also cover the weaknesses of klefki and meganium since both are weak to fire. From what I see you already have a good pokemon set. You just really need to cover some weaknesses that you're pokemon set has.
    Meganium is a really good bulk, you just need to deal with the little movepool that it has. I only have 2 pokemon to test out on my team right now and it's mega gardevoir and Meloetta, but anyways back to you. You have two more pokemon you need to worry about, do you have any ideas?
    I just found my binder of Pokemon cards! Me too! My binder is full of old school Pokemon cards. I feel like collecting them again to be honest, and I need to get some of the newer cards. I think I may remember that contest, but I don't remember participating in it. I wish I would have! That's cool that you were a runner up at least :D I'm guessing you're good at drawing and love art? Me too! (High Five!) That's cool that you got a special pack of Pokemon cards for participating in that event! Did you used to play the Pokemon Trading Card game? I used to play it back in the day!

    It's alright :) I was getting tired last night after I caught Skrelp lol. I was going to do some horde hunting, but I kept dozing off. You're welcome! I'm happy I could help!

    I know right lol. Same here for sure! I know when i'm at work tonight all I will think about is getting on my 3DS haha. I'm about to do some more horde hunting in Frost Cavern before I have to leave. I really hope I end up finding a shiny! :D
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