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  • This is definitely annoying. I just traded with someone a short while ago, so I know my wireless is working properly.
    You can still use UU and NU Pokemon in OU battles, it's just that they'll have a hard due to hazard moves like Stealth Rock (it sealed Charizard's potential).
    Okay, to both of you. SSB =/= pokemon main games. Don't even think of judging one pokemon's performance in SSB based on main games and vice versa.
    Lucario is good in pokemon games because of his versatility, really nice stats and also good resistances. In SSBB Luke is difficult to play, as he has to rely on racking up damage, because in early game he is somewhat weaker. Also winning positions with Luke are making him only 80% strong, which isn't nice at all.
    Pika is awesome in SSBB, yet in main games, it's kinda suckish.

    Anyway, in SSB charachters are adapted to the game so that it won't be unbalanced. If things were unadapted, then I imagine psychics rule the games while swordsmen and other simple fighting guys staring at their mightiness. Think of the same Mewtwo: he'd just go and use his psychic to crash everything (baibai Link, Marth, Roy etc). He had to be nerfed so that he would fit the game and everything would be (more or less) balanced.

    Don't forget, pokemon main games =/= SSB.
    Blaziken is good, it's just that he's outclassed by Inferape, who does a better job, which is why Blaziken's UU. I believe you don't understand about how Smogan's tier list works at all.
    Then why is Lucario OU then and is considered useful in the uber battles, wouldn't that destroy your claim about Lucario like how the real games destroys my claims about Mewtwo and Pichu being weak?
    Despite how special the Pikachu-Colored Pichu and the Notched-Eared Pichu are, they're still useless because of Pichu's poor Melee performance.
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