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Zog the Stout
Last Activity:
May 22, 2015
Sep 30, 2008
Likes Received:
West Midlands, UK

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Zog the Stout

Lover of Arcanines, from West Midlands, UK

Zog the Stout was last seen:
May 22, 2015
    1. Escape Reality
      Escape Reality
      sure thing. just let me know if you ever need any more. ;)
    2. Escape Reality
      Escape Reality
      nah it's okay. i have too many dialgas from restarting and trades. XD
    3. Escape Reality
      Escape Reality
      stone edge is 82, but yeah. you were right for the rest. ;)
    4. Escape Reality
      Escape Reality
      ack! sorry! not sure what happened, but i'm going back into the room. O_o

      never mind, i see what you did. ;)
    5. Escape Reality
      Escape Reality
      it's okay. which do you not want/need as much then? though you'll have to tell me the number as i don't know them all off the top of my head... XD
    6. Escape Reality
      Escape Reality
      okay. sorry for the delay. i'm going on now. :)
    7. Escape Reality
      Escape Reality
      which fc should i use?
      use my diamond fc; SAKURA
    8. Escape Reality
      Escape Reality
      i have all of those if you want them all at once.
    9. Escape Reality
      Escape Reality
      i was wondering if you still had any lucky eggs left. i have TMs. just tell me what your looking for and i'll see if i have it.
    10. Droftware
      Hello ,
      I would like to tell you about CartoonBix.
      Its an animation site containing a wide collection of Games,Videos,Photos.
      You can also participate in Forums and you can also maintain a blog there.
      There is also a virtual pet with whom you can play with.
      Please join it,,,its worth joining...
      A Dragon Ball Z game is also goin on there
    11. LordFeraligatr
      you around tonight ? i might be around tomorrow night but dont know what time
    12. Pathfinder
      ey zog the SE userbars are on the new thread ( I noticed you still have the links to the old one in your sig and they got deleted)
    13. chaoses
      hey zog how have you been
    14. Cousin_Dan
      Are you alright for a Theme league battle now seeing as I caught you online finally?

      EDIT: Damn, seems I missed you. <.<

      Anyway I can battle pretty much anytime tomorrow if you could battle me then. I'm GMT, same as you, btw.
    15. Cousin_Dan
      Another day then. ;D
    16. Cousin_Dan
      Hi Zog, could I battle your theme league gym next? x]
    17. LordFeraligatr
      cool, cool see you on there then
    18. LordFeraligatr
      would you like to battle now ?
      my FC is 3609 3732 0300
      whats yours ?
    19. Pokewiz7o8
      Zog. Would you like to battle for the Oblivious tourney?
    20. darkcrobat
      dude i must say very unlucky at times but gg
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  • About

    West Midlands, UK
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Pokemon, Reading, Warhammer


    Name: Anya, FC: 3824-1298-2121

    Name: Aalya, FC: 0560-3954-8843

    Gym Leader 7 in the Theme League (7W:0L:0D)

    All Battles atm on my PEARL FC unless I say otherwise

    If you're fed up with the total lack of respect for members on this forum due to ridiculous reasons such as differing opinions to certain members, and feel that like it was supposed to be, this forum should be a place where people can express their opinions in a, peaceful environment, add this to your signature, it's time for a change. Started by Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

    Looking for: Liechi Berry, Rare TMs, Legit Shinies, Calm Ditto
    Can Offer: Most Breedable Pokemon, decent selection of Legendaries, TMs, Lucky Eggs, and others (Make Requests :) )